Brand Focus – Knog

Based in the beautiful city of Melbourne, near the banks of the Yarra River, Knog have never produced anything that was challenging to look or performed less than brilliantly. So, who are Knog?

Design Brief

Established in 2002 by two designers, Hugo Davidson & Mal McKechnie, Knog set out to produce products which were different and whose aesthetics and usability are ranked as highly as their functionality. In a nut shell, products which look amazing and perform brilliantly.

Famous Frog

In 2008 Knog introduce the world’s first silicone bike light, the Frog. The Frog showed that beautiful design and great performance were a recipe for success, with over 7 million frog lights sold so far. They showed that a fun, smart design would pretty much stand alone in the market full of fairly similar products.

Lights & Bells

Although to bike bikers, Knog are well known for Lights and bells, their product range is far broader and packed with innovative products. The Scout bike alarm is a great example. Fitting on bottle cage mounts or under the bottle cage, the scout is triggered by movement and emits an 85 db (V loud) alarm when activated. The Scout works with the Apple Find My app from an Apple I Phone.

The Knog Awards

Scrolling through the lists of design award winners and the Knog name appears much more frequently than other brands. Their funky design brilliance has catered for a mass-market of customers who appreciate great design as well as great, long lasting products.

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