What a bunch of Knog heads

A brief history of the Australian cycle brand renowned for its innovative and entertaining design work. Includes a gallery of pics and some key product highlights.

Knog are the often described as the Apple of the cycle world. They make good looking product that is nice to use. They’ve won a whole host of design awards and continue to do so with every new product they bring out.

Knog bods

Knog have a way of doing things that has got them a funny kind of fan-base. Knog do things differently to most other straight-laced bike light manufacturers.

The company itself is owned and staffed by talented designers who just happen to be passionate cyclists too. Founded over ten years go, Knog still feel like a fresh and innovative company. Their original classic lights such as the Frog and the Gekko were so far ahead of their time that they still look stylish today.

No tools

Knog’s lights all share a similar design ethos and essential construction. Tool-free mounting and a silicone wrap-around body are the trademarks of a Knog product. They’re also often rather cute.

They’ve improved the functionality of their lights over the years – namely the switches and the range of flash/blink settings. They also adopted the move to USB-chargeable lights once that technology had proved itself and riders came to understand the benefits.

Style and substance

In recent times they’ve expanded their range modestly. Knog take their time to release products that are worth it, rather than flooding the consumer with bewildering and unnecessary options year after year.

Their recent lights in the impressively bright Blinder range have been very well received by riders and the media alike.

It’s not a case of style of content with Knog. Their lights are excellent illuminators. They also don’t come with the lofty price tag that you’d expect them to have from their looks.


Knog are an environmentally conscious company. From recycled packaging, biodegradable or recyclable plastics, vegetable printing inks and a general emphasis on improved processes that reduce waste during manufacture.

Going back to the ‘different by design’ angle, here’s Knog boss Michael Lelliott: “One side of the brand is having fun and being Aussie in our humour and approach, but from the product design point of view it is about what can we do that is different. What can we do that it is different from a design point of view? What can we do that is different from a technical point of view? What materials can we use to make something that hasn’t been seen before?”

Let’s have a look at these ‘different’ products.

The Knog Frog

The Knog Frog

Silicon technology on bike lights was first developed by Knog on its star product – the Frog. This mini icon was an instant hit with all sorts of riders.

Easy to attach and to remove, leaving no trace once it’s been removed. Compact, cute, different and functional. The Frog is still in Knog’s line-up and no A pair of Blindersdoubt forever will. Available in front and rear versions.

The Blinders

Blinders take the essentials of the Frog design and add USB recharging function. A tad bulkier than the Frogs but still well within the realms of dinky.


Two really popular Blinders are the Blinder 1 front light and the Blinder 4V rear light. Really popular with cyclists who use small lights very frequently, such as commuters.

Knog Blinder Road 3Recent additions to Knog’s lighting range are high powered rechargeable lights that are capable of illuminating the road or trail ahead, rather than just being lights that enable you to be seen by other road users. The Road and Arc series of lights are powerful lights.

knog Blinder Arc 1.7The twin-lamp Road 2 and Road 3 lights kick out 200 and 300 lumens respectively.

The single lamp Arc 1.7 and Arc 5.5 give out 170 and 550 lumens respectively.

There’s also the Road 4 rear light with a massive (for a rear LED) 70 lumens of power.

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