Brand Focus – Fenwick’s

The Beginnings

British brand Fenwick’s have been around since 1995. The family business began through trying to help a family friend caravan owner to clean his caravan with a product that was non-harmful to the paint surface. However, the brand swiftly diversified from just caravans, into making products for bikes too. This change was because the two brothers in the family were keen bike riders and the bike cleaning products around at the time were not great. The gap in the market was spotted and Fenwick’s set about filling that gap.

Hog Wash

The first bike cleaning product they developed was more effective on dirt and grime than their initial caravan cleaner product, whilst still not causing any damage to the bike’s surfaces. This first bike product was called Hog Wash and quickly became popular around the local bike shops.

More Products

As the brand developed and created a wider range of products, the central core ethos of the brand has been retained. To produce safe products which can be trusted to do the job quickly. Fenwick’s broadened out its product range into more specialist product areas such as; chain lubrication, disc brake cleaner, protective coating spray and assembly grease. In addition a wide selection of application brushes and sponges help ensure that cleaning products are properly applied.

Less Negative Impact

Fenwick’s have led the way in countering a negative impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint during the production process, focusing on this for more than 20 years by using biodegradable concentrates. One of Fenwick’s’ latest innovations involves the development of performance-oriented biodegradable chain lubes so that you’ll have less impact on the environment.

As well as producing an impressive range of products for cleaning and maintaining your bike, Fenwick’s have also produced some excellent videos full of bike cleaning and maintenance tips.

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