Brand Focus – ENVE

US based brand ENVE was formed in 2007 and are best known for their high-end wheelsets. However, they also produce a wide range of forks, bars and stems, as well as clothing too. While many US based brands have their production outside of the US, ENVE manufacture and produce their high-end carbon products in Ogden, Utah. This allows for quicker development of products from the design stage to prototypes and actual products.

ENVE Advantage

Having these essential business elements under one roof gives ENVE the ‘envious’ position of being more vertically integrated than many competitors, and so extremely adaptable to enable the development of new products and getting them to market quickly. In 2016 ENVE was purchased by Amer Sports, a Finnish based sports equipment company which owns many brands.

Nimble Producers

This speed and flexibility has seen ENVE at the forefront of bike developments in recent years. From wider rim widths and alternative profiles, to products specifically for the emerging gravel riding market, ENVE are nimble and speedy enough to ensure that they are at the forefront of the latest developments.

Rubust & Reliable

In 2010 ENVE wheels were the first carbon wheels to be ridden to victory in MTB Downhill World Cup. The successes in MTB have strengthened ENVE’s reputation for producing reliable, strong wheels – which also happen to be fast.

Speed ENVE

ENVE wheelsets have been used at the highest level of road riding too, ENVE SES (Smart Enve System) has been at the sharp end of races for the last ten years or so. With deep section carbon road wheels optimised for gains from lower speeds, around 32kph upwards, ENVE have targeted ‘Real World Speed’ – more useful to more bike riders. With the 2022 wheels designed for disc brake only and optimised for tyres from 27 – 32mm, comfort over the rougher roads we often encounter is also high on the list of influences on the ENVE line-up. ENVE produce wheels for all genres of MTB, Gravel riding and Road bike riding.

Here are some of our favourite ENVE Products;