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Contact points for bike riders are the all-important connections between rider and machine that determine comfort, performance and enjoyment while cycling. Fizik are amongst the leading brands in the world when it comes to contact points and the variations in rider physique – which they address and support to maximise comfort and performance, hence the name Fizik.


Founded in 1996, Italian brand Fizik has had a passion for design as the basis for each of its products. Throughout its high-end range, their mission is ‘to make the most sophisticated, inspiring and beautiful gear for the world’s most discerning cyclists’. Along with its attention to design and the product’s connection to the human body, fizik’s products offer light weight and reliability.



However, fizik are certainly not all style over substance. From the start, Fizik’s vision has been to improve rider performance via superior comfort. A more comfortable rider can hold a more powerful position for longer – Fizik is all about facilitating contact point comfort.


Fizik’s results speak volumes, the company have seen their products’ performance capabilities tested at the highest levels of professional cycling in a variety of disciplines. Their saddles have been ridden to victory in numerous professional races by Grand Tour winners and World Champions alike. Fizik have had a partnership with Team Sky / Team Ineos Grenadiers since 2011, this has provided the perfect testing platform for high performance saddle technology to be developed. Through thorough and extensive research and development, including physiological testing, all of its range are designed to ensure they are innovative and capable of competing in the most demanding scenarios with comfort.



Through its range of performance-orientated products, Fizik caters for riders of varying flexibility. The Aliante range, for example, is optimised for those with low flexibility, while the Arione is the most aggressive saddle aimed at the highly flexible riders. So, regardless of your level of suppleness there’s a product catered to your needs. For a more indepth look at Fizik saddles read our blog here.

Rider Types

To meet the demands of the broad spread of bike riding today, Fizik have split their product range into 5 categories; VENTO is the racing series, designed in collaboration with professional racing cyclists. TEMPO is the road riding series, designed to provide the most enjoyable and versatile riding experience. TERRA is the All-Terrain series designed to take you beyond your boundaries on all terrain types. GRAVITA is designed for taking you down the mountain fast and in full control. TRANSIRO is the multisport Triathlon focused series, designed for uncompromising cycling performance and efficient transitions.

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