Brand Focus – KMC

Since the beginning in 1977 with founder Charles Wu, KMC have had single-minded focused on producing the best bicycle chains available from their base in Taiwan. Today, they are the most sought after chain brand, with worldwide recognition for excellence in producing long lasting, high performance bicycle chains. Their chains are chosen by bike brands as an original equipment manufacturer for their bikes and chosen by bike riders, of all types, when it come time to replace a chain.

Chain of Choice

During 1986, KMC launched technical cooperation with Shimano Inc, Japan, to develop superior bushing-less bicycle chains. They also started producing colored chains which would add new customisation options for bike riders. Today the ‘missing link’ quick removal link is something we all take for granted, they began developing this back in 1990. Manufacturing techniques and processes developed and enhanced KMC range through the 1990’s. Towards the end of the decade, gold chains were seen as the ultimate in ‘bling’ and KMC were picking up awards for excellence around the world.

Award Winning

The year 2000 saw the arrival of 10 speed groupsets and their first 10 speed compatible chain. Through the 2000’s and KMC continued to scoop trophies, including the prestigious IF Product Design Awards. Super-light 10 speed road chains and the missing link were the sought after chain technology of the era. For the first time joining and splitting a chain would become a fool-proof and quick task.

Broader Range

2010 to 2020 was an extremely busy period of diversification for the bike industry. For KMC, expanding into new areas with the development of electric bikes and 11 and then 12 speed groupsets, demanding narrower and even more precise chains. Other notable developments include the DMC (Diamond Like Coating) colored chain range. Through the design tweaks and variations over the years, they have retained the cross compatibility with Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram components. As well as chains, KMC also produce a range of tools, made to the same exacting quality as their chains.

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