KMC X11 11 Speed Chain
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KMC X11 11 Speed ChainKMC X11 11 Speed Chain
Code: CHM11SKMC0
KMC X11 11 Speed Chain
  • 1/2" X 11/128"
  • Pin Length: 5.65mm
  • Weight: Approx. 268 grams
  • Hi-Performance
  • Extremely durable
  • Non Directional
  • Half Nickel Plated
  • Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM 11-speed derailleur systems
  • 114 and 118 Link options available
SBDoes the job
Mr RogozinskiSolid chain fr my gravel bike, that comes with a chain link included
Mr janKMC chains have quick connect, because of that I am using those instead of shimano
LouisPerfect chain , So much smoother than my last one. 2nd time ordering from merlin cycles , best prices and speedy delivery
Sam CampbellLooks good, changes are slick, and it wears just as well as Shimano chains for a lower price.
AaronSolid quality chain. Will buy again from Merlin because the checkout experience is great.
Lucifer MorningstarWhat is there to say. It’s a KMC chain. They’re always great.🤘🏻
Mr HawkesfordFantastic service. Arrived promptly. Chain was easy to set up with quick link. Was back out riding in no time at all 👍🏻
Mr WrightSolid build. Needed to replace a worn winter chain.
Vincentgreat service, great chain and very reasonable price
JTGreat chains, hard as nails and last for ages
ianI tend to buy KMC or Sram chains due to the quicklink. Overall found better longevity with the KMC X11 and at a reasonable price point.
ChristopherAlways stick with KMC chains, reliable good quality products and available from Merlin at usual competitive pricing and fast delivery.
RickyGood quality and looks good in black and silver. Easy to fit using the missing link and does exactly what a chain should
Mr roperBrilliant product which is a replacement for my old chain. Keeping the same one as its been so good. Great service as well arrived really quickly
GrantKMC have been my brand of choice for chains for many years, initially driven by the split link making it so easy to install and remove, though I've also found other brands have issues with rusting very quickly and wearing very fast. KMC chains generally last very well and as long as you regularly degrease and relube they will stay looking and working like new for many months
JASONSecond KMC chain on my MTB after a recommendation. Easy to fit and lasts for ages. Cannot fault.
Mr EbbageAlways a solid replacement chain, used on both Shimano and SRAM groupsets.
Mr MDecent, long lasting chain.
The CommanderI've had this chain before and as usual, it is the best for the price. Quick-Link connection easy to use (repeatedly) and the chain is well lubed out of the box. Durability should be good based on previous experience and we all like a bit of understated bling!
Mr GarnellLove KMC chains over and above shimano ones. great price too.
Blair CurrieWorking as expected shifts well with Sunrace cassette.
Mr PettmanExcellent product very well priced and a great company to deal with
Mr smallshawVery quiet crisp gear changes, high quality product. Good purchase.
Mr MCLEESEGreat KMC chain. Excellent value and durability
Mr JohnsonLooks amazing, shifts perfect on 105 components.
Mr BChain is great quality and is cheaper than a Shimano chain. Really liked that it comes with the quick links. Made installing the chain far quicker
Mr CrossLooks really cooool on the bike - which is also black and wow the gear changing is so smooth - have now ordered the same for my other 2 bikes
Mr CowieMy chain of choice now on both shimano ans sram group sets, shifting is perfect Looks good too.
SendgridoverTrusty KMC, tough when you need it.
BirdmanAlways use KMC chains. Good value and last. Great service from Merlin as always
Mr WorkmanVery good price for a very good item. I replaced like for like. the old chain was not fully worn, but was getting on a bit, so changed it as a precaution.
PaulAs always KMC chains are a great product at a reasonable price, for all the right reasons this is my chain of choice.
MichaelI always use kmc chains because the missing link seems easier to use than other brands
BalcombeboyExcellent value chain. Easy to fit and lasts as long as SRAM/Shimano.
DavidGood value chain. Have had two years good use from previous x11. Even after this time my chain gauge showed it was not completely worn out but have replaced anyway. My experience has been that this kmc lasts much better than sram equivalent.
Mr McNeillLooks good on the bike and dead easy to fit. Great that it comes with a master link too, unlike a lot of chains at this price point.
Martingreat chain , best advice ever is to "maintain your chain" saves money in the long run good price and great service as per usual from Merlin.
G WeledNice smooth running chain and easy to maintain. Bought a couple more for my other bikes. Great service from Merlin.
SamuelStrong,light and a little different looking from the sram and shimano offerings. Great chain which has seen me through a few muddy winters on a hardtail and the price keeps me coming back to KMC.
Mr SOk I purchased this because it looked nice but I can’t fault the quality I’ve had several KMC chains and they always perform well
jasonKMC chain’s - what can I say? Quite simply superb, stronger & longer lasting than Shimano & they look better which is a nice bonus, all my bikes get fitted with KMC chains.
roywouldI buy these for my ebike and it has not let me down after a few thousand miles (changing them out according to wear of course) Strong and never break. I stick to KMC as its not worth learning hard lessons with shimano and sram chains which tend to break under the ebike loading.
MARKGreat combo with 105 CS-R7000 11 speed cassette, quality products and quick delivery from Merlin.
CharlieEasy install. Watched CGN video on sizing and works perfectly
Mr MurrayI'm a big fan of the KMC X11 chain, it's my go to for all my bikes.
Mr RoopsUsed this chain for awhile. Never failed me, and good price.
VeloMBest chain for big miles, longest lasting and strongest of the kmc chains, I use el-11 too but this is better value, cheap enough to change before you need to, but lasts almost 1000 miles more than a Shimano Ultegra or 105 chain from experience
L GordonWorks really well with my ultegra setup, and looks pretty cool with the black and silver. Comes with a quick-link which is more than can be said for the shimano chains.
LukeCan't beat these chains for the price. Lightweight and long lasting, and the quick link is so easy to use.
Dr MarshMy go to chain. Good price and lightning fast delivery from Merlin - great service as usual.
CharlesWorks well and a great price. Fast delivery every time too. Thanks
Mr HernandezJust as good as Ultegra . Smooth and quiet . Like the black and silver chain , matches my black bike
DavidGreat chain! Love the way it shifts and holds up. There are lighter chains available but I'll sacrifice that for the durability and cost.
Willie HungThese KMC chains are priced well at Merlin and they last as long as my Shimano chains if not longer.
R.T. LawranceAlways fit KMC chains when possible, high quality & reliable.
DanielGood quality chain - looks great too. Not the lightest, but certainly durable and performs well.
Mr ButterfieldI've been using these for years. Dependable performance. Recommend.
NathanGreat shifting, solid life and the two tone colour looks cool too!
rtbI use this on my both my human powered and ebike and its never let me down. i run it on a 10 speed set up BTW. Much stronger than shimano and srams
AlanI bought this chain as part of the Shimano R7000 groupset to go on my winter bike and so far this has worked well over the 1.000 +miles of use. Previously I've used Shimano Dura-ace 9 speed chains on my winter bike and noticed they seemed to rust after a while despite being regularly cleaned - no such problems as yet with this KMC one.
Mr WrightI have always found KMC chains to be excellent quality for the price. Very smooth and durable, being silver and black looks great too. I always use KMC chains, excellent customer service from Merlin Cycles, delivered within 2 days of placing the order
AgbChemMy standard chain. I get about 4000 km from one.
PoissonVery nice two color chain. KMC works flawlessly with the campagnolo centaur groupset.
KeithUse this chain on alll my bikes road cross mtb great value for a great chain
Mr BirkinI really like KMC chains, they seem to be much more dependable than Shimano (less snapping etc) and quieter than Sram. Last around 1000 miles on a dirty gravel or mtb, far longer on a ‘summer bike’
WalGood price. KMC chains wear well. Cannot see the value in buying more expensive chains. Use a Connex joining link.
Mr hunterNice item, good quality and looks cool, always used shimano before but quality feels better with KMC
menasheGood budget option. Strong chain with quick link for ease of use
BikeboyslimFirst time I’ve used a KMC chain. Highly impressed with how easy it was to install. Snap link required less force then Shimano chain. Also runs and changes more smoothly then either Shimano or Sram
Mr LettJust a good cheap training chain
Glen AKMC best chain there is! delivery fast
MartyGreat chain, solid and dependable, only just scraped through on the 114 Links with my derailleur and chainring combo. I’ll order a 118 next time. Love the missing link. Great service from Merlin, Delivered to Australia in around a week.
Stace KNice chain at a nice price. I can't pretend to know KMC is better than Shimano or Sram but they seem to last well and I like the black and silver look.
JimQuality and performance , quiet ride and smooth shifting .
DavidGood shift performance and bargin price
MostynI always use KMC chains with a Conex link, Runs smooth with crisp gear changes, and they last.
AndyChemI previously used Shimano chains, but KMC's cost about the same but have two advantages: they are not directional and they use a removable link to connect. While the link is said to be non-reusable I have found they can be reinstalled, allowing the chain to be cleaned off the bike easily. Lifetime varies. I typically get 2-3000km before it "stretches" enough to require replacement. My wife gets 5000 km or so since she doesn't pedal as hard. In my view KMC X11 chain offers the best bang for the $$. And Merlin typically have them at a good price.
RDGMy go-to chain for my shimano equipped bikes. Easy to fit, good life and even better when on offer.
Mr BridgesGreat quality. My first KMC chain so not sure on longevity at the moment but certainly runs really smoothly.
Mr OlazoGreat chain. Actually quieter than the Ultegra chain. Good thing I’ve read the reviews first before deciding which chain to buy.
RolandCheap and simple to fit with a reusable link. Wear out relatively quickly though, but no faster than equivalent SRAM or Shimano.
VelomindCan't go wrong with KMC chains, best by far. I do 9000 miles a year and make sure I swap these before they wear out, but it takes a long time... Usually double my previous sram or shimano chains. The x11 is cheap and ideal for the winter bike, but is a good step up from a 105 chain
Mr CARTERSuperb chain better than Shimano. As usual superb service from Merlin
ScottKMC is my go to chain. As always, Merlin's service is top notch.
Mr MuldoonNo complaints. Reliable and reasonably durable.
BillGreat chain. Been using for years. Very reliable and easy to fit with quick link
Mr McCabeHave preferred KMC to Shimano for sometime. The quick link works well, chain wears well and shifts smoothly.
Mr GrahamReplacement to what came with the bike. KMC never lets me down.
Mr BirkinBought to replace Shimano chains on 105 and ultegra drivetrains. KMC are smoother, quieter and cheaper.
Mr DescyNice chain. Not the quietest but I guess that's subjective. Only used it for two weeks so don't know how it'll fare long term. Good price and it also looks good.
Mr SimmoniteGood value chain with quick link fixing, running smoothly and still shines despite the wet summer
PeterGreat value chain, wears well and lasts a long time
Mr StříteskýPerhaps the best chain I've ever had on a bike. Price performance ratio
Mr LeslieGreat quality chains with split link, at an excellent price
Mr PetersI have been using these chains for a long time without issue. They shift well and last pretty well, plus you get the quick link.
Laurent FignonExcellent chain, I've used with both Shimano and Sram drive trains, works flawlessly. Cool looking black and silver. Only a few grams heavier than the overprices El and Sl versions.
tonyReplaced like for like after 1600 miles on my last one
DavidKMC are my preferred option for chain replacements. I have used them for several years now and tend to find them smooth running with my Ultegra groupset. I have also found I tend to get better mileage with KMC rather than the Shimano originals. The look of this chain is a little different with the black and silver contrast which looks great on the bike
Mr ArroyoI brought this chain as I was not happy with the standard one supplied with the 105 R7000 groupset and let me tell you that it feels like a new groupset the gear changes throughout the cassette are snappy and responsive, a cheap & worth while investment.
DaveLove these chains. Good quality and long life and look good too!
AdamReallly nice chain at a great price. KMC chains always feel much better value for their middle range chains
B. SeitzSolid, reliable 11-speed chain. After watching a brand new SRAM chain develop a lovely coat of rust in its first week, and breaking multiple Shimano chains within the first 1000 miles, I won't use anything else.
GarryChain is fitted to MTB with XTR and shifts great, love these chains. Great service from Merlin as always.
Mid Sussex CycleEasy to fit, non-directional, and good value. I cannot tell the difference between these entry level chains and the more expensive chains matched to my group sets (Shimano Ultegra and SRAM Red). This KMC is quiet, and change gear smoothly. As a commuter who cycles in all weather conditions, I get through a lot of chains and this KMC makes the most sense in terms of cost and endurance.
EvrisakisKMC always delivers good products, my go to chains