In 1977 KMC produced its first chain in the hands of founder Charles Wu. Using cutting edge technology and precision manufacturing KMC produces its chains to meet the demands of every rider no matter the style or terrain.  The company prides itself in the people it employs, they attract the best staff with a passion for cycling that shines through in the products they create.  KMC aims to produce the best products with the latest innovations using the latest equipment to ensure a smooth ride every time.


At KMC they believe that if the product is not good enough for them, then it certainly isn’t good enough you.  KMC tests its products out in the field, in the races, in the real world and ultimately tested by the staff themselves.  This obsessive and methodical approach to development and production means you can get a chain that you can truly rely on.  Service, top quality and reliability are always their top priority.



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