KMC X11-EL Silver 11 Speed Chain
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KMC X11-EL Silver 11 Speed Chain
Code: K180A
KMC X11EL Silver chain, 11 speed compatible

World-class professional racers proved that KMC Chain provides the right DNA leading to the championship! Next to our champions, it is important to offer a chain for all kind of riders. KMC's 11 speed chains are designed to work perfectly on Campagnolo shifting systems. We have the perfect chain for all type of riders.

KMC's X11 series offers great advantages on your Campagnolo 11-speed system, such as very high durability, light weight and easy to mount connecting link.

  • Compatible with: Campagnolo, Shimano & Sram
  • 1/2" X 11/128" - 114 Links
  • pin length 5,5 mm
  • Nickel plated
  • Double X Durability
Mr BullivantQuick delivery, nicely packaged
Mr WigstonGreat quality chain. Easy to fit and remove if necessary, with snap link. Smooth action once fitted and last well when looked after. Recommended.
Mr LittlewoodQuality chain at a good price and great service from Merlin.
Mr BrownGreat chain. Smooth, quiet and doesn’t rust as quickly .
Mr BrettFor me this is the best value amd performance based chain. Merlin service a* as always
DEREK TMVery good and quiet
johnmy go to chain always run smooth and best price
DamianKMC chains are easy to install and just work. I always use them as they work smoothly with crisp changes every time. This is my first 11 speed chain from KMC but it seems to be working just as well as the Ultegra chain it replaced.
Mr HarrisQuality replacement chain for a good price. Always used KMC chains and very happy with this purchase. I now have 22 gears again as shifting is super easy.
Mr GalezaVery fast delivery! Nice quality.
Tom BlackDifficult to go wrong with a KMC chain ... used them for a long time and just change them every year as a preventative maintenance ... the old one goes onto the winter bike for a further year before it's binned.
Mr Mercadal FarrWorks great on sram groupset. However so far not good with cannondale spider ring single chain ring. Grinding noise in every revolution. Investigating with manufacturer
JamesEasy fit and doing the job nicely
John LewisGood quality chain and a sensible price.
Martin HGreat chain, light and good service life
ianI am a heavy 106kg rider. I use to use the shimano HG701 chain with Squirt lube and I would get around 1600 miles out of them. Since turning to the kmc xll el I'm not kidding you I am shocked at its life span I'm currently on 3762 miles and the chain still measures less than 0.75. Blown away 😉
Mr BarnfatherUsed these chains before on my Campagnolo Super Record drive train and am very pleased with the performance and durability of the chain
Benoit le WinstBest choice of chain by miles, EL amazingly smooth & resilient to worst of UK road conditions - complete with quick link. Perfect for current Ultegra setup. Excellent price & delivered next day, highly recommend Merlin cycles.
Mr CantrellThese chains have low wear characteristics and are easy to fit with the power link.
AustinMy go-to chain. Lighter than the Shimano equivalent, easy to install with the quick link and wear rate seems as good as anything I’ve tried. Never had an issue with a breakage or sticky links etc
Mr WrightI replaced like for like after around 5k miles. Very quiet and fast shifting chain
Richard EmptageQuiet, smooth operation on both my 10 & 11-speed Campagnolo drive-trains
Mr STWorks great and very smooth. Fantastic KMC quality.
Mrs KellarPrefer the KMC chains to any other brand.
MickQuality chain at a reasonable price
Daz MillerThe go to chain, long lasting, quick to install and easily removed for cleaning or replacing. Cannot recommend this chain enough
Mr WEasy to fit, smooth and quiet.
Mr EvansBrilliant chain, the quietest chain I have ever used for the money, great service as ever from merlin
Mr DeerfieldSuper quiet. Shifting feels smooth. Makes for a beautiful ride.
Mr Casimirodas melhores correntes que já utilizei, leve e resistente
RussI'm a campag man through and through, but lets be honest their chains plain suck! pins and peening, no thanks. I've got KMC's with a split link on all my bikes and never had any issues, plus makes it easier for the yearly cleandown/service
Mr BunyanOrdered up as a spare. Excellent value & always trust KMC
MontanaThis KMC chain is what originally came on my bike. I tried a Shimano chain but it lasted half the distance, so I have gone back to this. Tricky to keep clean (due to the slot in each link) but still my preferred chain.
AWHave had good experiences with this chain before. Last well and quick link makes fitting easy.
MikeExcellent lightweight whisper smooth chain. Only bettered by the SL which I have on my 'best' bike.
GaryGreat chain. Longer lasting than Shimano but at a similar price
Mr MaxfieldAlways trusted KMC chains in the past. So reason not believe this won’t be the same.
Mr Some GuyGreat chain. Shifting is very smooth with my Campagnolo drivetrain. Very quiet as well (much quieter than the X11 version). I especially like it that it comes with a quick link, so I don't have to be bothered with Campy's special chain coupling pin.
Mr BallI've swapped out Shimano chains on all my bikes for KMC. They appear to run smoother and quieter.
Mr T. SagnakNo matter the drivetrain brand is, I prefer KMC. Light, durable and budget friendly.
mikethespikehave always used KMC chains & these continue to be very good - great product & great price
YutakaThe precision of KMC products is high and the sound is much smoother and quieter than previous chains. Shift changes are also easy. We used quick pin, but are easy to use.
Mr KamilReally reliable product, silent and lasts! Nothing better, really good value for money
CLIVEQuality product the best value chain in my opinion.
Mr RobsonJust started using KMC chains over the last couple of years after using all the others. I have found them to be excellent in terms of wear and shifting. Will definitely be using them from now on. Just as a side note this one comes with reusable links.
Mr PinelI really like KMC chains, I like the price, I like that it comes with a missing link, I like that I can take it off easily if needed. Did I mention I like it? Spend the few extra bucks and buy this one over the regular X11.
RicoWorks great, Buttery smooth through the gears.
IsabelleSuperb chain - works really well with force DUB crankset 40t & an 11-46 cassette. Extremely lightweight & smooth running - quiet and good wear. Merlin’s excellent prices too. Quick delivery - what more can you want? Thanks
GalahadSecond time I've bought this chain and its very lightweight with a clean polished silver look.
PaulRSecond KMC X11-EL having previously used Ultegra. Easy to fit, smooth operation and a very good price at Merlin. Happy with purchase.
SMReally good price for a cracking product. I love these chains . They are durable, silent, efficient and look good. Delivery is as good as the best. Well done Merlin.
kevinMy favourite chain, does what it says on the tin, looks good works well, and good service from merlin.
Mr SchenckThis will be my third KMC chain on my gravel bike and I have had no issues. Light and quiet. Easy to install with quick link.
Dan SGreat replacement for the chain on my Campagnolo groupset. I buy these in preference over the Campag ones as they perform just as well but do not require a very expensive special tool to fit. Faultless product when set up right!!
Mr WalsheThis is a superb quality chain which I have purchased before. The quick link makes maintainence so easy. Bought at a great low price from Merlin.
Mr DaviesMight try a Connex next but I have used these for three years and the longevity is ok
LucasWhat can I say; I buy it every time. It's a great chain at a great price point.
daveKMC are the best chains on market
Mr ChoMy go to chain, the ease of the masterlink is simple and easy! No need for a $40 special chain tool
michaelEasy to fit , quiet in use
Mr BowmanBenn buying KMC in preference to Shimano for a while. Gear shifting is good and KMC seem to last longer than Shimano.
Mr Richard Glynne JonesFirst rate reliable chain at a good price and efficiently delivered by Merlin
Ant GuyHave always used KMC chains without issue.
AndyHave always used x11-el which has a estimate life span of 5k km
Nick KSeems to work fine on my Ultegra ktted gravel bike. It might be a little quieter on shifting and it seems to rust /discolour less that the previous Ultegra chain after hosing down the bike and leaving it to drip dry for 2 days (as is my sloppy habit)
MichelThe difference between the "EL" and the "SL" is the "SL" has hollow pins saving a couple of grams for twenty bucks more. As a bike mechanic, this is the best value for your money hands down.
Mr MarmonLong lasting, light and smooth changes, its the only chain worth buying at this price
Mr goobermanKMC chains never disappoint and been using them for years. It’s that simple
Romanon this model chain I did 3000 km and I believe that even with this new chain will do just fine the same number of kilometers, the chain is incredibly quiet, provided that you regularly clean and lubricate ...
Stephen chalky whiteI always use kmc chains as lite strong and always great quality
Mr FoleyChain is light, strong , comes with quick link and runs in either direction. Compatible with Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram. It’s my go-to chain. Can recommend it. Merlin price and service complete the perfect package.
Mr teixeiraexcelente custo benefício
JohnI purchased this KMC chain as part of an upgrade to Campag Chorus 11 speed, I've used KMC chains for many years with great success, this one is no exception, and at a very competitive price.
BrianUse this chain on all my 11 speed bikes. It’s easy to fit with the quick link provided and I can’t say I’ve had any issues with it.
OldnslowGreat value chains. Shifting is good and they seem to last at least as well as the other brands at higher price points.
Mr RosKMC X11-EL is outstanding, changes gear smoothly and last twice as long as competitors chains
WoodyAs with all KMC chains, works brilliantly.
Mr WrightJust recently built up a new bike. I previously used Dura Ace chains. But from now on I’ll be on kmc, much quieter in operation
Mr TuttyBest price/weight/longevity chain IMHO
Mr SchenckI have ridden one KMC chain and the x11 is durable and long lasting. No issues. Quick link is a great asset.
PaulRCompetitive price for an excellent chain, fitted to an Ultegra 11 speed groupset and running smoothly already with muc off ceramic lube. Competitive price and very fast delivery from Merlin as usual.
Mr cunliffeBeen using KMC chains for over 10 years. They are the best
Mr KnightEasy to fit, runs smooth and changes are quick. What more do you want. I run on a 10 spd group with no issues, actually think it’s better than old 10 spd chain.
GaryAlways use kmc, never had a broken one, and conditions have to be atrocious before they start grumbling
RonWhat can you say about KMC chains? Quieter than the Ulterga chain and lasts longer too.
Mr RobertsSuper quiet, good shifting experience even under load and dead easy to fit with 'missing link' although I recommend a dedicated tool for removal and fitting.
Mr KnightRunning chain on 11 sp chainset but with 10 sp front and rear derailiers. Front shift is a little slower but no real problem. Rear shifting is perfect and I think even better than using 10 sp chain
Mr DEWHURSTNice cutout detail and standard kmc performance.
Tony HA quality product purchased to replace a worn out SRAM chain after only 1,000 miles on my MTB - I've always had good life from a KMC chain.
DavidBought as a replacement for a shimano 105 chain which I always found a bit noisy, this one seems quieter. The quick link was a little stiff without the proper tool but a stamp on the pedals got it snapped in fine. It works as a chain should, I'd buy again.
B. SeitzMy go-to chain for my good bike. I only use KMC chains anymore after bad experiences with Shimano and SRAM chains. Is the EL worth it over the basic X11.93? I have no real evidence, but it makes me feel good, and it's not that much more expensive... so I just think of it as a bit of modest bike bling. The most important thing is that I never worry about it snapping out of the blue, and I don't do anything special to care for it, just keep it reasonably clean, and in return, it does its job quietly and without complaint.
Mr LovelockSmooth and light, perfect
Mr PottsUsual high quality product from KMC
Will S.The chain is smooth in its operation and reasonably quiet.
GeoffDecided to try this instead of an Ultegra chain. Fitted fine on a 105 set, and runs quiet. Prompt delivery by Merlin as usual.
marcMy favorite 11 speed chain, good value for money and they seem to last well
michaelIt might just be me but these seem quieter than other chains and last for ages.
Miss gallagherGreat quality chain for the money. So much quieter than the Shimano 105 replaced. Great quick delivery and easy to fit.
RichardSmooth & quiet running, crisp shifting. Good compatibility with Shimano.
AndrewLong lasting, and seems (to me) to run quieter than Shimano
PeterVery good chain, I ride 3300 km then is worn out
StuartExcellent value chain, lasts well, looks shiny after a wash and is at a sweet spot for price vrs weight vrs strength.
MarkI've been using these for years now , never broken one but worn a few out. Best price vs weight ratio without getting too carried away. Just works.
CheryleBeing uni-directional this chain is easy to install. I have used it before and found it to be long lasting. Good quality and excellent price.
MichaelThese chains are at least as good as the Shimano ones, and at a more reasonable price. They also last just as long.
TimHave been using the KMC chains for a while now as they seem to last longer
PeterMy first 11 speed chain, so nothing to compare it with, but the EL series always seem to be available somewhere with a good price. This time it was Merlin with the best price and always happy to deal with them rather than the W-CRC megalith. Very quick & reliable delivery from a company staffed by humans, not robots.
IvanGood quality for my commuting bike - happy with KMC chains
Dr LewisSimply the best bang for buck chains at a great price. Thanks Merlin.
JonathanHard to fault this chain. I've been racing with these for the last 4 seasons and love them. Great price from Merlin as usual.
Mr StarkGreat value -- works well with Centaur 11sp cassette.
RicoAffordable and very good quality better than shimano
Paul, Sydney AustraliaGood chain which I prefer to Shimano
Mr NganA few grams heavier than the SL but quite a bit cheaper. I've used them on campagnolo 11 speed for several years with no issues
RichardKMC are a reliable high quality alternative to Sram & Shimano chains
JamesExcellent chain, simple to fit and very reliable
ThierryA chain, from one of the most renowned brands... Rolls well and transmit my power!
ZekeVery happy with KMC chain. Running it on Sram Force 1x drivetrain on gravel bike.
JasonGood solid quiet chain at a good price
marcusGreat Chains, when replacing a chain I always fit these. They run quietly and shift as well as any other chain. I also personally like the look of the cut outs in the plates.
Mr PolsterKMC chains in my experience last considerably longer than similarly priced alternatives from Shimano or SRAM. $29 is a pretty good price for them. The EL weighs only a few grams more than the more expensive SL
Mr HeilmanBest chains out there. I've used them all.
BrendanGreat road bike chain, easier to install and replace than the Shinano alternative. Looks sharp.
nigelChain was a last minute purchase prior to 3 days cycling in Belgium. Pedaled over 260 miles up the Oude Kwaremont cobbles and chain never missed a beat. Would recommend.
Mr eldridgeLightish shiny finish, so easier to clean
JonathanLight and comes with a quick link which to me makes it better value than shimano.
BrianChain seems durable and the quick link was easy to install.
PedaleurGreat! It's lighter and seems quieter than the shimano 11 spd chain it replaced
MichaelBrilliant chain. Light and hard wearing
AdamLove this chain - works great on my Shimano Dura Ace set up, rolls smoothly, quiet.
Mr WilkinsonI've always liked these chains - works perfectly on Shimano and comes with the quick link.
IanI bought this to replace an original Campag chain that snapped while out on a ride. I must admit to being a little hesitant about buying a non Campag original but the need for a special fitting tool put me off sticking to the Italian brand. Once ordered the KMC chain arrived just two days later and was extremely easy to fit. I removed the necessary number of links to ensure it was the same as the original and interestingly could see the original was a good 5 or 6 mm longer so had obviously stretched a bit in use. I can't comment how many miles it had done as I was given the bike but I had done at least 1,000 miles on the chain. Once cut to the right length and the 11 gear cassette, chainset and derailleur all cleaned up, the new KMC chain threaded straight into place and the supplied link was very easy to then fit and lock into place. Obviously the proof of how good it is was always going to be in how it feels out on the road and for that I'd give it a 10/10. Seriously.
HattsTop brand. Like the KMC - shift well and not too noisy.
HallKMC chains are on all of my bikes, from the rigid singlespeed to the 8" travel DH rig. I've stretched many out, but have never broken one. I can't say the same for SRAM of Shimano.
Dr LewisFar better than Shimano chains in my opinion.
ParkesKMC chains rock, only brand I now use for any of my bikes
Mr SpainFive star, superb chain for super smooth shifting and transmission.
Mr TrippierGreat product. Smooth on 11 speed campagnolo.
SamLight, excellent shifting, great value, easy to fit/remove with quick link, great value and they are pretty durable, whats not to like! Great service from Merlin as always.
Mr merroSlick, tough and ultra smooth chains. Noticed recently that the shifting wasn't quite right so I replaced the old chain (exact same type) after 9 months of all weather riding and chain had only just reached the 0.75 stretch mark on the park tool chain checker. One thing tho the missing link joiner is a prick to get off and not much better to put on, might just join the next one the good old traditional method. Also I believe these joiners after awhile tighten up a bit and cause the chain to slightly lose it's index, just a slight wee noise that becomes annoying. But still a better choice than the more expensive and the need for the specialist tool to put on than the Campagnolo chain.
Mr olsonMy first experience with KMC, I bought it because it had a connecting link as opposed to the Campy 11 chain. I can't compare it to the Campy chain but it shifts cleanly and runs quietly. The missing link takes a fair amount of force to connect, I would highly suggest buying the tool to disconnect it.
Mr greenwayGood quality chain that gives slick gear shifts. Also, I know from previous experience KMC chains have a very long life & are totally reliable.