Certain bike components last a lot longer than others. Chains, cassettes and bottom brackets are more 'regular service' items - through regular use, they get worn and lose effeciency. We stock gear and drivetrain components for all makes and types of bikes, including singlespeed fixies, mountain bike, gravel and road bikes. We stock components from the leading manufacturers, including, Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo, BBB and KMC.

  1. Bottom Brackets & Cups

    Bottom Brackets & Cups

    Keep your cranks turning nicely with a decent bottom bracket. Lots of threaded and Press Fit options to choose from.
  2. Cassettes & Sprockets

    Cassettes & Sprockets

    Close ratio blocks for racing, wide ratio blocks for dealing with hilly terrain or just regular cassettes for replacing your existing one.
  3. MTB Chain Guides

    MTB Chain Guides

    Despite the move to narrow-wide chain rings there are still some aggressive riders who appreciate the security of a proper chain guide device.
  4. Chainrings


    Tweak your gear ratios or replace worn out chain rings.
  5. Chains & Chain Accessories

    Chains & Chain Accessories

    Chains, powerlinks, joining pins for 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed systems.
  6. MTB Chainset Bash Guards

    MTB Chainset Bash Guards

    Protect your chainring from losing its teeth or getting bent out of shape with a good quality bash guard.
  7. Chainsets


    Chainsets for Road, Cyclocross and MTB. Triple, Double & Single ring Chainsets to suit your disipline
  8. Road Bike Electronic Components

    Road Bike Electronic Components

    Spares and accessories for Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS electro-shifting systems.
  9. Front Derailleurs

    Front Derailleurs

    Traditional clamp on mechs and modern direct mount mechs. Front shifting accessories and spares.
  10. Road Gear Cables

    Road Gear Cables

    Cables, end caps, cable guides, ferrules and barrel adjusters.
  11. Gear Levers

    Gear Levers

    STI units, Ergo levers, Double Tap levers, bar-end shifters and all the assorted spares and accessories to go with them.
  12. Groupsets


    The very best priced groupsets available anywhere. All disciplines covered from Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo.
  13. Bicycle Jockey Wheels

    Bicycle Jockey Wheels

    Standard replacement jockey wheels as well as ceramic and anodised upgrade jockey wheels.
  14. Road Bike Power Meter Components

    Road Bike Power Meter Components

    Do you know what watts mean what? Power meters are a blossoming market and we only stock the very best in these training must-haves.
  15. Rear Derailleurs

    Rear Derailleurs

    Sharpen up your shifting with a new rear mech from one of the big brands: Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo.
  16. Road Bike Single Speed Components

    Road Bike Single Speed Components

    Conversion kits, sprockets, chain tensioners, chains, wheels and more.