Shimano Road / MTB Steel Inner Gear Wire
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Shimano Road / MTB Steel Inner Gear Wire
Code: Y60098520
Shimano Road / MTB Steel Inner Gear Wire
  •     1 x steel inner gear cables for smooth and lasting shifting performance
  •     Steel inner wire with anti corrosion treatment
  •     For use with 4 mm outer casing (e.g. SIS-SP / SP40 / SP41 / SP51)
  •     Suitable for front or rear mechs, just cut to fit
  •     1.2 mm x 2100 mm
  •     Suitable for both road and MTB bikes
  • Does not come with end cap
Mr Martins I ended up not using this as the groupset came with cables, simple cables, nothing to say.
R.S. Bath Great product, silky smooth in operation. 1st choice when changing my cables. Merlin prices superb as ever.
Dr Midgley Fitted a pair of these inners to my mid-00s Ultegra equipped road bike, tuned the indexing after the 1st ride and they've been shifting solidly ever since. Ideal.
Mr Eskici i think this is the best wire. works fine
Mr Moralee It's a gear wire by Shimano... Cheap and it works.
Mr frazier Great price. Replace every year and get that nasty gritty sand and salt out of your frame.
Des Mc Shimano cables always the best-can always be depended on for consistency and quality .
Mr Bowman Go-to cable inner. Prefereable to the PTFE coated ones, which IMHO aren't suitable for internally routed cables.
Mr Howard Reliable - lasts me a year of commuting and shifting daily!
Keith Shimano cable is the best, this is my minimum standard for gear cable.
Mid Sussex Cycle Good value and good quality gear cable. I prefer it to the PTFE cable which soon wears and clogs up making gear changes increasingly difficult.
Mark Good part easy to install and a nice little ferrel to go on the end of the cable
Robbo Benchmark shift cable.
Andrew Great cables, always use Shimano as they're pre-stretched
Dazmondo in Malvern Simple cheap packaging for stowage...usually carry one cut to length for the rear mech just in case. It's Shimano so quality assured.
Mr Duke Good quality with no real stretch issues once fitted. Easy to thread through cables and, if done properly, no annoying fraying. Buy a few and always have a spare or two to hand. Why not order some cable ends as well and you're set for a season or more. Good quality cable clippers are not a fortune either. I'm not trying to put your LBS out of business, but this is simple home maintenance stuff, especially if you have kids riding to school in all weather or you put in serious mileage. There are plenty of up-market alternatives with coated wires etc which may work better for high-end stuff, but this is basic, good work-horse stuff.
Mr Wilson Decent price and has made a huge difference to my shifting.
Martin122 I have always used shimano cables. Does the job well.
Mr white Bought this as a first timer cabling up my mountain bike ..can`t fault it, bought this as a separate item with gear problems.
Mr Heyes Over the years I have tried lots of different inner cables from the cheapest to the most expensive, and I always come back to these because for what they cost you cannot go wrong.
Mr Duckworth Does what it should, changes my gears
Mr Sowter Brought to replace my old cable, seems to be working like a charm so far, although time will tell how much it'll stretch.
Mr Davis Good cable replacement plus this came with the end.
Mr Primrose Does exactly what is expected of it, great product.
Mr Gillander Great value. New casing and wire made my bike as new.
Mr kershaw Cheap, does the job and comes with the wire cap. Usual quick Merlin delivery and cheap price
Mr berry Why spend more when you don't have to. Does the same job as any other more expensive cable which will be changed just as often.
Mr Chisem Works fine!
Mr savage Good cable, can't see the point in paying too much for cables. More than enough length.
Mr nolan Easy to fit change all cables at home . Its a nightmare when one breaks on a ride
Mr Carter Does exactly what it says on the tin, plus amazing prices as always from Merlin
Mr Banfield Very good