DMR Hinged Clamp
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DMR Hinged Clamp
DMR Hinged Clamp
  • Hinged clamp for DMR chain devices
  • Also used for fixing bottle cages and mudguards to frames with no fixing points
  • Sold individually, two brackets required for use as bottle cage mounts


Mr HillierExcellent simple functional item. Appears strong and well made with no flex on the hinges. Use shorter than 10mm screws to fit as can mark frame! Recommend! 👍
Jim ShufeltThese simple little clamps are an elegant solution to adding water bottle cages to my vintage bike. The work well and look wonderful.
NicholasSo useful for mounting anything you like to bike. Well made.
Mr MertinakFirst class clamp, bright silver, super nice craftsmanship. The clamp is very light and it deserves to be combine with titanium bolt. Looks beautiful installed with water bottle holder. One of these last things being made super nice in those days. I am very picky but with this clamp satisfied 100%. I did bolt it on my 1984 Alan frame with tube Ø 28 mm. Holds excellently!!!!
Mr FisherThis is the best solution I've found for attaching a bottle cage to a bike that has no mounts. Great product!
RichardThe best option to add a bottle cage to your frame. Solid and secure fit. Great.
russellThese are an excellent solution for water bottle mounts on a 28.6mm frame tube when none are present. They look nice and dont weigh much.
JonA quality bit of hardware -- I've used these to install an additional water bottle cage under the down tube on a steel frame bike. Inexpensive and quite tidy. 31.8 for down tube applications, 28.6 for seat tube, more or less.
Mr StaudacherThese are great! I have an rare Frejus women's "Tour de France" made before built-in frame mounts for bottle cages were common. These are are a beautiful and inexpensive way to add frame mounts to just about any frame. Very pleased!
StevenNice clamps that look and feel good. Simple to use, give immediate flexibility to add another cage. Good service too.
Mr SheldonPerfect for adding an additional bottle cage under the downtube on my elderly "Stumpjumper FS" for a forthcoming on/off road tour. Much more substantial than many of the strap on type of bottle cage boses.
omi villadolidThis holds my water bottle in place. Love the product.
jose carlosbuen accesorio, ideal para poner un botellero en la tija del sillin, necesitas 2 piezas. Ademas es ligero y se le ve resistente. hay otras marcas que con una sola abrazadera soportan el botellero, pero no me dan confianza.
Mr RepaThis thing is a high quality and superlight piece of gear. Form follows function.
ClaringboldExcellent clamp - I used a pair to add a bidon mount on the seat post of my bikepacking bike
BThe perfect solution for a bike that should have a second bottle cage mount but doesn't (Carver 420) and at a reasonable price. Note the clamp includes a bolt to mount to the bike frame but not a short one to mount the bottle cage to the clamp.
Mr GoodWhat a God send! I've been searching for a part like this for months. I have a angled seat tube on my 29'er which didn't come with any anchors from the factory. These little guys fit the bill perfectly! Very clean solution to having a frame builder tap your build. They hold VERY tight! Make sure to purchase extra short bolts or be prepared to cut them down for a bottle cage. I just used my Dremel to obtain the necessary bolt length. Super easy.
LEWISNice well-engineered and useful piece of kit. Lightweight and fits neatly.
Mr MumfordActually used this to mount a map board on my handlebars . Great price and service from Merlin one again
sjWorks very well, was not sure about the clamp side to start with as it sticks out a fair bit but once on with bottle holder its not so noticeable.
Mr OrtegaI used on the DMR hinged clamps on my 1988 Tom Ritchey frame and looked awesome. Water bottles held well going through rough terrain and kept my bottles secure.