Shimano 105 CS-R7000 Cassette - 11 Speed
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Shimano 105 CS-R7000 Cassette - 11 Speed
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Shimano 105 CS-R7000 Cassette - 11 Speed
The 105 HG700 11-speed Cassette is a durable, lightweight offering great value for money. Featuring an aluminium spider arm, nickel plated steel cogs, and a steel lock ring, this Shimano cassette provides exceptional longevity, no matter the conditions.
  • Fits HG 11 Speed road freehubs
  • Aluminum spider arm
  • Nickel plated steel cogs
  • Steel lock ring
  • Note: 11-34 is HG700 (Same Quality as CS-R7000)

Please Note: 11-34 only fits 11 speed freehubs

Mr Curtis As advertised. Silky smooth 105 riding.
Monika I bought this product again, it has never let me down. I had problem found this item on other website, but Merlin is a shop where I can find almost everything. Excellent customer service
Mr Pearce Great value
Mr Stewart Great value cassette
Ben Szabo Does what's it meant to.
Mr Bullivant Quick delivery, nicely packaged
Mike Adams Not many of these about at the moment so I was glad to snap up this one. I could, of course, have opted for a substitute, perhaps from a lesser known maker, but I try to keep to the genuine stuff for my groupset. As expected it arrived looking lovely in its blue box and it works brilliantly. My gear changes are back to their best and I anticipate long and satisfying service.
Mr David Monteiro Excelente cassete para usar em rodas de treino. Boa durabilidade, porém, pesado.
Mr Anderson 105 R7000 cassette, best value for a road cassette
Mr PK Looks nice, durable and light.
Jonathan Reliable shifting is a given with 105 cassettes and this is as smooth and quietly efficient as ever.
Ben Excellent product as described ,great price and very fast delivery
Ricky Upgraded from worn Ultegra 6800 cassette. Great performance and smooth shifting. Added bonus is the new range of Shimano Road Cassettes are compatible with 10 speed freewheel (Thought this was just MTB). Means i was able to run some 10 speed American Classic disc wheels using this cassette 😊. As always, great service and prices from Merlin too
Michael Straight forward swop of 32 for a 34 cassette to makes things easier on the hills. Usual Shimano 105 quality, no problems at all. Best prices around from Merlin and very quick delivery
Mr Howell Does the job just fine for my turbo
Mr Arthur Perfect - good quality, fits and works perfectly.
Mr Reid Quality component. Easy to fit. Improved my ride.
John Bought to replace an older 5800 cassette. No rear mech adjustment needed and first impression is that they're slightly slicker on the down change, but that could be the placebo affect.
Mr Robinson I don’t buy the top end products when it comes to chains and cassettes as they don’t last any longer, I prefer to buy cheaper ones and change them more frequently, however the quality of Shimano 105 is excellent and more than adequate for my cycling ability
Michael this cassette is both durable and light enough - it is on my training bike, which is running DA mechanical, however the weight penalty is worth going for this over the DA cassette
Mr Taylor Shifts like a more expensive one but is cheaper.
bryan Bought the 34 to help me drag my old bum up the local hills easier, well made, only 3 of the largest cogs are attached together the other 8 cogs and spacers are all separate, looks good quality..I regularly change chains and expect this cassette to last a good half dozen chains
Michael The 34 Gear makes the hills much easier on my old knees combined with a 34 chainring. Straightforward swop and no shifting problems. 105 components are great quality and available for a great price at Merlin
Barrie A little heavier than the Ultegra one but works just as well and an absolute bargain at this price
russell After heavy winter use my cross bike need new chain and cassette . This plus the KMC SL chain has improved the ride massively.
Mr McNeill In my mind, 105 components remain the best bang for buck components going. No exception here!
MARK Great combo with 11 speed KMC chain, quality products and quick delivery from Merlin.
G Watt I'm not getting any younger. Just the job to improve my climbing ability with a 11-32T.
Terry Solid cassette to use on a trainer.
Mr Sekella 105 components work really well, and without the high cost of the top of the line stuff.
Mr Pinel Not as light as the Ultegra version but can't beat the price for basically the same performance. Unless saving 30gr for a wearable, eventually replaced item is that important to you, stick with the 105.
Mr Anderson Typical shimano high quality, replaced a new sram cassette to improve shifting and it really did.
Willie Hung I bought another 2 after my initial purchase. Excellent price - so bough more. Am probably good now for 5 years. Like who cares these are so affordable at Merlin. May lend these to my cycling friends and help them 'home mech' their bikes.
Coolmax I love this cassette at 12-25T .. 105 is pretty solid and lasts a good year of riding for me. I ordered 3 in one go - so I am good for a long time! Merlin has the best pricing and service.
Michael Commuting heaven! Miles upon miles of service
cramblin great value for money - not too much heavier than ultegra with better range and for half the price.
Mr Whitehead Quality item and delivered fast! Works perfectly well with my Ultegra groupset.
Chris O’Hanlon Fitted for the Fred Whitton - not the lightest or the quietest in the biggest gear, but having a bail out will be nice when hitting Hardknott with close to 100 miles in the legs.
Wal Like the spread of sprockets (11/34 with 52/36 chainrings). Find it easy to get the right gearing to keep up cadence and especially on hilly sections where I ride.
Christopher Bought as direct replacement for my existing cassette, quality product at good price
John If you want a long lasting hard wearing piece of equipment for a good a price, then look no further. Shop at Merlin Cycles. They are the best for parts. I bought this cassette to upgrade my 11-30 to 11-32. I have used 105 cassettes before. They last a long time. Mine lasted about three years with riding 3 to four days in the summer. Shimano 105 shifts well I find. So go and get yours now. Get off the couch and go to your computer and head to Merlin Cycles.
Austin Purchased for a cx bike so will get more abuse than my road bike. Didn’t want to spend the extra on Ultegra for this purpose and the 105 is perfect for that use. Slightly heavier than Ultegra but in function you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference. Slightly noisier perhaps but that’s it. Shifts perfectly and seems as hard wearing as anything else I`ve used.
Mr Aubry Duperré Great cassette for the hills on my gravel bike. Super fast shipping. Thanks Merlin.
Mr Kazmi Excellent value. Runs quiet with smooth shifting.
Harry Perfect shifting.
Peter Clean and precise.
Wal Excellent cassette with the right spread of cogs – 11/32 (52/36 crankset) for some hilly sections where I ride in Sydney, Australia. In summer, I find myself needing the 32 cog on steeper sections of the bike track.
Mr G Solid build quality, not the lightest but very shiny and good durability in my past experience.
Cornelius I've never been good when it comes to hills but now with this cassette I'm good to go.
Stephen chalky white Shimano r7000 105 cassette is as good as Ultegra
SportsFanTommy Quality cassette with good packaging for easy install.
Mr kensdale Great price for the perfect range cassette
Mr Kurt Very good and durable compared to the old 105 cassette
Glen A good kit, delivered fast, no problem
Mr Cullinan decent as expected
Mostyn Shimano 105, Cassette. used it a few times now, fitted a new chain at the same time, the R7000 is smooth and positive with gear change. The price at Merlin was really good, I'll probably send for another one.
Woody Good balance between cost and weight, smooth changes.
Fatbiketherapy Another upgrade for a worn out groupset. Great price, simple to fit and functions as required. What more can you ask for.
Paul Very good cassette and great price. Service good, as always.
Calif_Roadie Bought the 11-32, big upgrade from the 11-28. climbing sure seems easier. Merlin did a great job getting the items to us (Calif)
Mr cunliffe I have always used 105 cassettes. They are very durable and light.
Chuong Best bang for buck cassette. I can't tell the difference between this and the Ultegra.
Mr Roberts Good quality cassette and only a small weight penalty compared to the Ultegra version. Super crisp shifting as always when paired with a KMC chain.
JD Works, last well, good value
Mrs Brown Unless you are racing and running 11 speed set up for your commute, training and leisure riding there is no other sensible alternative. The quality, cost and functionality can`t be beaten.
David Much more affordable than the Ultegra/DuraAce but just as good.
Dien-Minh This is my main climbing cassette and the material is great and reliable. Merlin Cycles shipping is lighting fast
Bryan S Upgraded from an 11-28 cassette to 11-30 on a short cage shimano 105 rear derailleur. It worked without any problems.
Nathan High quality piece of kit, looks great, very durable and the gears changes are as slick as other cassettes in the Shimano range. Good value.
Mr Lau Good quality, it better than 5800
Mr Ami I am really happy Shimano finally offered the 34-tooth 11-speed cassette at the 105 level. It may weigh a couple of grams more than the Ultegra cassette but I can't tell the difference in shift quality at a better price.
Hung Have been using shimano 105 for years. Bought R7000 rear derailleur (medium cage) together with 11-34t for easier climbing. Smooth shifting. Recommended!
Stuzz552 Only a few grams more than an Ultegra cassette, so why pay more, It also still retains the same performance of the shifting as the Ultegra.
Jim R Solid build for my CX bike! No issues and shifts smoothly with the 105 medium cage derailleur! And it's big enough for me to tackle long hills without utilizing the biggest cog (11-34)! Would by it again next time around!!
Mr Rivers I bought the 12-25, in addition to the 11-30 which I specified with the Cordite bike, to give me a closer set of ratios when not in hilly terrain. Tried the 12-25 out on the local cyclo park and pleased with product. Easy to fit and faultless changes.
Jonny I don't see the point in spending extra on an Ultegra cassette when this does the same job. I have run both and cant tell any difference in shifting.
Katie Y This cassette is fantastic! Shifting is even smoother than the 5800 (5800 is really good, so this says a lot), so this chick can drop the boys on the climb even quicker! I honestly can't tell the difference between this and my more expensive Ultegra cassette. It's a bit heavier, but not enough to be noticeable. Shipping from Merlin is always top-notch, even across the pond to Canada...during postal strike.
100wweight Never difficult for me to give praise to Shimano products, been using their components for many years, both on my road and off road bikes. And they have always served me well. This latest purchase is the upgraded 105 CS-R7000 Cassette and runs smoothly with the Ultegra Rear Derailleur on my CX bike. Good value from Merlin, whats not to like about it.
Steven Cannot knock Shimano 105 gears, built to last. Now with the R7000 it just gets better, seems to be lighter and positive in gearchanges.