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Shimano Ultegra FD-R8000 Front Derailleur - 11 Speed

Shimano Ultegra R8000 Front Derailleur features toggle link construction which matches the force curve of the hand more naturally.

  • Lighter front shifting operation
  • New link construction matches the force curve of the hand more naturally to reduce effort at the end of shifting
  • 100% perfect setting
  • New link construction allows for more flexible cable routing design
  • TL-FD68 and turning converter is not required in assembly
  • Easy and precise setting
  • Now possible to adjust cable tension on FD without specialized tools
  • Redesigned to fit wider gear pitch without sacrificing shifting performance
  • Shorter length of rear center (410mm) with O.L.D. 135mm
Nice light weight easy to instill and runs so smooth
Best road front derailleur I have ever used. Shifting action is a lot lighter than the old Dura Ace 7900 I used to have. Shimano's new derailleur design is the best in the business.
This derailleur is much easier to adjust than 6800/105 series
With new design, barrel adjustment is easy. Shifting sensation is very nice. Search and learn how to adjust this before doing it. It will really help to fine tune.
Just like the rear derailleur the shifting is smooth and crisp
Doesn't take much force to shift, also it's easier to install and setup than my previous 105 5800 derailleur.
Looks the part and functions well. Once set up the gear changes are crisp and clean.
Easy set-up and replaced my 105-5800 with this. Shift is smooth, light and fast compared to 105-5800. Did not miss a beat in adjustments with the built in cable adjuster.
These new FD's are FAR easier to install than the older style. With a built in tension screw and great cable routing I love how well this functions.
This is also my second build using FD-R8000. They work great over the last Ultegra Series
Bit different to setup but so far so good.
The redesign of this front derailleur is a very welcome addition to the drivetrain. The updates make it easier install and tune than past variants. Though the front derailleur seems to be a component that gets overlooked often, you are well aware it when something`s gone wrong. The maintenance is simple and straight forward and the cable routing is clever, giving you plenty of length to work with for future tune ups, but nicely tucking it out of the way the rest of time so you avoid the occasional annoyance of calf and tyre rub.
It is very fast and quiet. I recommend it.
I am very satisfied with this Shimano Ultegra FD-R8000 Front Derailleur. Very light, precise in the exchanges. Perfect!