Shimano BB71 Press Fit Road Bottom Bracket
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Shimano BB71 Press Fit Road Bottom Bracket
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Shimano BB72 Press Fit Road Bottom Bracket, for use with 86.5mm frames
  • Complete Ultegra level press-fit bottom bracket assembly for Shimano HollowTech II road cranks
  • Cups are made from fibre reinforced polymer material which reduces the risk of frame noise and damage
  • Set includes left and right hand cups, inner cover, and inner O-rings
  • Sealed cups keep out dirt and water
  • Maintenance free
  • Compatible with 86.5 mm shells
  • 41 mm cup diameter
  • Easy press-fit installation
Jeremy Great product and nice quality
Thomas Quick delivery and easy to install .Top quality services from Merlin Cycles as always.
M Just installed new. No creaking. Smooth rotation.
Mr Welsh Easy to install pushfit bb
Mr Gokce Light weight and durable..
Mr Tony Wang Buttery Smooth
owen Good quality and easy to fit
Tom M Reasonably cheap, easily fitted, works fine and should last for 1000's of miles based on previous ones of these I've had. Since it's a plastic shell/cups it's difficult to remove though without damaging the cups or bearing top hats - so not something you'd want to swap between bikes.
MHS Simple but brilliant. Easy to fit with the Park BB tool and a smidge of neutral grease. They just work. NEVER had a single problem or creak on any bike. Don't directly spray water at them and they last for years.
Mr Johnson Solid all around.
Mr Robertson You need tools but once you have them this is simple to install. n.b. Feels sticky at first , then loosens up after the first few rides
Thomas After 5 years of use my BB needed replacing due to worn bearings. Great price and was a direct replacement . (be aware that appropriate tools are needed for removal of the old and fitting of the new BB).
Mr Buckingham No creaking so far, good Shimano quality.
Stuzz552 Great service from Merlin Cycles as per. The BB was fitted easy with the BB press fit tool. I have been running this for a few weeks now and it is your typical Shimano product, reliable, smooth and well made.
Nathan Cheap and reliable, why spend more?
Mr Wesseler I don't have any miles on it yet, but soon will. I installed this in a brand new frame and the finish seems perfect.
Mr Gilig perfect
Neale It's a standard Shimano press-fit BB, as long as it's installed correctly it's dependable. Note that the item received from Merlin was actually the earlier version BB71-41B even though the packaging said BB72-41B. Luckily they are interchangeable.
Mr Herrod Make sure you get the right installation tool which matches the Hollow Tech axle size.
marc Typical Shimano quality, lasts a long time
Mr Perron Basic cheap product but good quality that last 3 winters here in Canada.
Mr Arnason Cheap and solid replacement bottom bracket for my Canyon bike. Installation was hassle free and the bottom bracket is stiff and silent just as the original one.
Aroundtheworld Good replacement. Easy to fit, hopefully will last.
Mr Knight Perfect. Wish the old one came out as easily as the new one went in!
Tim Easy to install and great value.
Neil When you need to replace your Shimano PF Bottom Bracket on a road bike...this is what you need. Easy to fit .
Daniel Excellent BB for the money. Used these many times with no issues.
David I was a little concerned about using a press fit BB but the frame I had ordered needed just that. Found out what I could before fitting and the BB went in no problem and to date hasn't caused any problems.
CHRIS BB replacement on a TT bike, for a friend. Did the job a treat, and no further problems reported.
Mr Hicks Perfect replacement BB for my Ultegra 6800 crankset, runs smoothly. A great value BB.
David Good vaue for money and very easy to change with the correct tools. There was nothing wrong with the previous part, it was just changed as a precaution when upgrading the crankset.
Darren Easy to install and works well.
paul Cannot notice any difference between it an the dura ace model.
Andrew As you would expect with a Shimano product, it fits easily if you use the correct tool and does what it is intended to do i.e. in this case roll smoothly. Last bottom bracket lasted for years. Only replaced this one as water had got in the inside of the frame and sloshed about in the bearings for a while causing damage.
Hippo The centre pipe section is usually a problem when fitting and I normally bin it. Apart from that they fit easily using a headset press. They survive 5-months of cyclo-cross training and racing OK before being replaced.
Mr Hinds Bought this as a replacement unit for my Scott Foil. Old unit was only 2 years old but seen around 3500 miles. Bike feels brand new again with this unit which certainly feels smooth.
Munro Very straight forward to fit and spins smoothly.
Joshua Weitzman The Shimano bottom bracket is a big improvement over the stock FSA bottom bracket that came on my bike. It spins better and feels much more solid.
Mr Beliso One of the best PF for road bike. You have be certain about the size you need before ordering.
Mr McGrath Not too difficult to fit with the right tool but a real pain to align without it. Otherwise feels like every other high end shimano bottom bracket
Mr POLAK Great. It just works. Got 4000 miles out of the last one, and only changed it out because I was rebuilding the bike.
Mr Barker Simple replacement for factory fitted giant defy bb (providing you have the tools). A great price too. The inner sleeve can be a bit awkward to line up but patience is the key here. As usual excellent service from Merlin