KMC X11-EL Gold 11 Speed Chain
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KMC X11-EL Gold 11 Speed Chain
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KMC X11L Gold Chain, 11 Speed Compatible

World-class professional racers proved that KMC Chain provides the right DNA leading to the championship! Next to our champions, it is important to offer a chain for all kind of riders. KMC's 11 speed chains are designed to work perfectly on Campagnolo shifting systems. We have the perfect chain for all type of riders.

KMC's X11 series offers great advantages on your Campagnolo 11-speed system, such as very high durability, light weight and easy to mount connecting link.

  • Compatible with: Campagnolo, Shimano & Sram
  • 1/2" X 11/128" - 114 Links
  • Pin length 5,5 mm
  • Titanium Nitride Gold coated
  • Double X Durability
Mr Rollins Lovely chain, looks great, runs smooth
Mr Cote goldy gold. what more do you want, the gold doesnt wear off, cleans easily and is cheaper than ultegra or DA
Mr Johns The only chain you will ever need. And it looks bling!
KWI-60164 I have kmc chain in my different bike. Color doesnot fade. Durability wise its good
Mr Birkin I have always used the silver version of this chain previously with much success, trying the gold version because it looks nice
John KMC always last longer, but still change chain @75% , Audax rider (10k miles/yr) also quiet & gold looks ace.
Mr Price Excellent quality chain; quick link makes fitting and removal super easy
Luke One of the best road bike chains!
Mr Stark Great product, excellent price. Smooth and silent shifting with Campagnolo Centaur 11 speed groupset.
simon Nice chain, i usually have silver one but they were not available so had gold one.Not as distasteful looking as i thought.
James Winder As per every KMC chain I've used, this one is great. Same chain, same weight, same quiet operation, same quick link. It just has a bit more bling.
Mark These KMC chains seem to have more longevity than the Shimano chains. More longevity means money saved, not only on the chain but on the cassette as well.
Jordan Honestly, I didn't think another company could match Shimano durability and consistency. KMC has with this chain. The bling factor makes heads turn, you can't go wrong with this one.
Mikey K Chain bling! Works perfectly with Shimano MTB drivetrain.
MARTIN Although not fitted yet, I have this chain fitted to all my bikes. Not only looks great but has never let me down.
SIMON Perfect,lovely quiet drivetrain,paired with Sunrace 11/46 black cassette.Looks awesome
Si L A fair bit lighter than a standard Shimano chain. Looks super bling but you’ve got to keep it clean to keep it looking good.
Mike This is the 4th KMC Gold chain I've bought over the past few years and they are top notch. They last well, are easy to fit and look fantastic. The gold colour looks best when it's clean so it's a good reason for keeping on top of your maintenance.
Greg M Absolutely the best chains on the market in my opinion! Smooth shifts and overall operations.
Gregory Best chains on the market in my opinion. Smooth, quite and effortless shifting.
AC Very good performance on 11 Shimano drivetrain as using in mostly dry conditions only.
adrian Fast, Quiet, Light, and incredibly bling this chain performs as well as it looks, I have been using KMC X11 EL for years to train and race on, they are also really robust and reliable.
Mr bolton Looks ace and works as well as the ultegra chain that I had before.
Yutaka The precision of KMC products is high and the sound is much smoother and quieter than previous chains. Shift changes are also easy. We used quick pin, but are easy to use.
Yannis pop Beautiful gold colour and is reasonably light. Just got it but so far, shifting is impeccable and no faults
Mr Gray I've been running the KMC X11-EL Gold for close to two years on my road bikes. Very happy with them and add a bit of bling to the bike.
Shanaan Had a normal KMC X11 before and the difference is quite noticable. Really love it. I wish I went for the superlight now though!
Roman I have been using this chain model for a long time.The distance traveled to the exchange is about 4000km.Nice looks.
Mr Taylor Bling for the bike at a great price. Changes a lot easier than my old chain, just goes to show you get what you pay for.
Mr Teo This is the most value chain. I never have an issue before with KMC chain.
Mr DIY Bought another one to replace the old one as these chains are really great! Plus it looks bling!
Luc This has been my go-to chain for years now and it's never let me down. Whether you choose the gold or the silver option they are both equally amazing. Lighter than standard Shimano or SRAM chains and stronger in my opinion since I've never had one snap on me yet where I have broken almost new Shimano and SRAM chains in the past.
Mr Haining Love the colour. Looks amazing. Lightweight and I think great value.
PAWhitaker My second KMC X11 gold chain - this one for my second road bike. I've found these shift well and have been durable to date. Looks good when clean although the plating wears off the rollers before long.
Mr Jonker I have bought this chain several times, works great, lasts a long time and looks good.
Mark Looks good, but shifting isn't as exact as a Shimano chain in my experience.
Mr Thomas Had a few now, look great, wear well and easy fitting with quick link provided!
Mr Sutton Great to see that Merlin cycles still stock the EL version of this. Excellent chain at a good price point. Very happy with the service too, thanks.
Mr Stanbridge Great quality and light
隆敏 takatoshi Needless to say it looks so gorgeous. Absolutely recommend it!
Mr Carballo Awesome
Mr Kinnane The chain looks fantastic. It is nicely lubed up with thin chain oil. The quick links are easy to use. Only ridden a few km so far. Is definitely thinner than the 10sp chain it replaced and is very long. For my bike anyway. I think I've chopped of at least ten links on my s9 matta
Mateusz Perfect piece of kit, feels smooth, I have noticed that I can average 1-2km/h more compared to shimano 105 chain.
Mr Johns These last for ages and ages, shift well and add a bit of Eagle looking bling bling for a fraction of the cost!
Mr Scott Beautiful. Light. Strong. Good price. What else is there?
Velomind Best value KMC chain, light but sensible money, better than two other brands starting with an S, lasts way longer and runs smooth, no improvement in wear on gold one but looks amazing. I do big miles, about 9000 per year but wouldn't use anything else... Tried lots of different chains but KMC el-11 or x11 are the best
Robert Excellent KMC quality chain, and now with 118 links :)
FAUSTO Suggested to me by a fellow Cycling Club rider, very reliable and slightly lighter/durable than the original Shimano counterpart. Looks absolutely tremendous on the drivetrain. Highly recommend.
Chris Williams Such a nice bit of kits looks bling, takes and hammering and runs smooth, just given it a weeks worth of punishment in the Alps and it performed perfectly.
Scott Lewis Very easy to fit, and offers incredibly silent running. Looks great too!
Sean Excellent quality chain as always from KMC. Especially for the price. Stays gold for the life of the chain and haven’t snapped one yet
Mr Convento Works perfectly, no issue with my ultegra group set
Tony Lightweight, durable and looks the dogs on my Supersix black inc... great price from Merlin.
Ian Top quality chain. I run this with a Pyramid single chain ring up front and an Ultegra 11spd at the rear on the TT bike and it's smooth changing and also quiet. Gold is also faster.
Matt KMC chain with gold finish is the best one I've used. It lasts a long time, is quiet. I will buy again
Mr Gilchrist Shifts great - looks great!
ed Looks great, works great. Have always used these on my campagnolo 11 speed system's with no issues. So easy to fit too, no special expensive tools required. Can highly recommend.
Mr targett Great chain, really quiet, would recommend this to anyone, great chain, great speedy service.
Nathan I love these chains. They just look superb when clean. They last longer than shimano equivalents, they run smoothly and shift just as well too. Great durable good looking product at a reasonable price
Mr Muir I have been running KMC chains in different guises for many years now and as always you cannot fault the qaulity of the product. Light, well made and pretty silent in use. Top product, excellent delivery and excellent pricing from Merlin.
RyanIOM Seems well built easy to size and fit and the gold is striking.
Jonny (the Legs) Nash Chain turned up as per the estimated eta. KMC are some of the best chains around hence Shimano get theirs made by them. In the gold colour it jazz's up any drivetrain with a splash of colour and works as good as it looks. The Ti Nitride coating resists corrosion very well and on di2 and 1x systems the outer plates retain their oh so appealing looks. At this price it's a bargain upgrade.
Marc Easy fitting light and great looking. Goes especially well with my titanium frame. Paired with ultegra Di2 and the shifting is absolutely flawless! Silent and smooth. Sometimes I check to see if I've actually changed gear!
Mr Wielgus It looks good on my bike. Easy to work with and wasn't over lubricated with that shipping gunk that gets everywhere and is a pain to remove.
Chris M Have used these chains for while now and can`t fault them. Seem to last longer than shimano equivalent
Mr McCreary BEST chain ever! I've used KMC gold chains for a few years. I was hooked after first ride, massive improvement in shifting and chain noise. Can't go wrong with any KMC chain but the gold versions are the BEST!
Alexis Holwell Great chain that really adds some bling to your bike. Looks fantastic and works great.
NukeThemAll Came with KMC's easy-to-fit missing link, so installation is simple. Seems to shift just as well and run as quietly as any other chain I've had, too early to tell if it lasts as long as my previous Shimano item. Looks real nice when it's clean! So far, very happy.
Abraham Shifts very smooth and quiet.
Mr Bannister Not just bling! Straight forward to install with "missing Link". Having used these products since 2012 it is clear they wear more slowly than other chains.
Howel The product is awesome. The chain is very smoth on my new Mach 6 ;-)
cerebis Works well with 11spd Shimano. Missing link is very easy to connect
Mr Chang Excellent chain. I would normally buy either the EL or the SL. They feel the same and it feels like the EL lasts longer.
Moores Silky smooth chain, knocks spots off the dura ace
Mr Hobbs Use these chains as they last longer and are not as fragile as Campag. Also I like the connecter, as I swop chians around for wear and cleaning. Have used you before and will again.
Mr Andersen Jeberg Good and solid chain. Seems durable. Chainlink works fine allthough you need to buy a chaintool to disassemble it with
Mr Gadsden Always use KMC chains for their long life and this one was a great price and in GOLD!!!