KMC X10-EL 10 Speed Chain
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KMC X10-EL 10 Speed Chain
Code: K101GA
KMC X10-EL Extra Light 10 Speed Chain. Suitable for both road and mountain bikes.
World-class professional racers proved that KMC Chain provides the right DNA leading to the championship! Next to our champions, it is important to offer a chain for all kind of riders. KMC's 10 speed chains are compatible with all major shifting systems. Shifting performance, durability and easy mounting are other key words for KMC Chain. We have the perfect chain for all type of riders.
With great shifting performance, it's light weight and smooth running. KMC now guarantees your satisfaction on the chain's life, which is much longer, compared to other major brands.
  • 1/2" X 11/128" - 112 Links, pin length 5,88 mm
  • Shimano,Sram & Campagnolo compatible (Including all 10X MTB systems)
  • Nickel Plated
  • NON-Directional
  • Hi-Performance
  • Extremely Durable
  • Only 262g in Weight


Mr parker10/10
Mr Billinghaminstalled easily on my MTB, the included disconnect link is a must have. My last kmc chain seamed to last a while so I'm hoping this will too
Mr TurnerIs a reasonably light chain. Shifts well. No problems!
NeilEasy to fit, nice chain, looks great
Abo MoosaLight, durable, reliable and reasonable price
Mr PrattOnly replacing like-for-like, but thast's 'cos I was impressed by the last set! Smooth, quiet, long-lived, finish stays clean (Hate rusty chains.....) Would choose again. As to Merlin, beyond reproach. Excellent delivery, historically bullet-proof customer service.
Max SchnellBeen using KMC 10 & 11 speed chains for a while now, they've become my go to chain. The EL version is light, reasonably priced and functions flawlessly
Mr AlnwickKMC Chains are the best on the market... looking after them will give you hundreds of miles of worry free cycling... great product
MarkNot yet used but I have no doubt it will work perfectly as I have used KMC chains on all my bikes - mountain, road and track - without problem. The most important item for a bike chain is the lubricant and how often and well it is cleaned.
Mr pillayGreat chain. Great price. Put it on my bike. It feels like a brand new bike. No noise. Easy to change gears. No slipping like my old chain. So smooth shifting. Quality. That’s why I bought 2 chains at the same time. Thank you merlin. Quick shipping. Highly recommended 10/10. Plus cheaper than other shops and Shimano chains. No brainer.
glennlight and quality comparable to other branded, more pricey chains.
glenn buenafelight and reliabe, quiet.
Martin HGreat chain, light and good service life
Disco StuKMC chains are tech leaders, the EL is a reliable chain, the quick link make fitting and removal simple. I always keep one spare at home as they can't be beaten on quality and price
TREVORExcellent chain, good price keep it clean, keep it lubed, look after it and it will give best service
Mr RackindBought to replace Campagnolo Record chain and really impressed by quality and value
PeterI use KMC Chains on all my bikes, they have served me well. Like any chain if you look after it, it'll last.
Mr TurnerGreat price on a great chain, which was previously hard to get hold of. Replacing the original chain like for like.
GrenierGood product. I bought this chain in the past to try it out. From now on, I will only buy this chain. Good seller too; fast delivery.
Mr Studingerthe last same chain lasted ~4800 km, road cycling/ city commute, at ~230watt average power, lubricating/cleaning at every 200km, just reached the 0,75 on the chain wear indicator. Always shiny, no rust. I like this chain.
MatthewKMC's Extra light chains are my go to for my road bikes. Lasts longer than Shimano HGs, feel faster and the Missing Link systems makes removal and re-installing much easier! 5000 miles of heavy abuse (I am not kind to my components despite regular cleaning and maintenence) and I won't be replacing with anything else.
PeterAlways good quality chains
Mr FowlerExcellent quality as usual from KMC. I have both Shimano and Campagnolo groupsets on different bikes and it works well on both.
NathanI've ridden these for years and have never had any issues
KrankedKMC is my go to brand, the included quick release is why i pick them over Shimano most of the time (unless i find a deal). Chain life is good too, can't go wrong.
GaryHave always used Kmc chains for there quality this ones no exception. Great service from Merlin unbeatable price and fast delivery.
JozsefExcellent chain, very smooth
Stephen DunnettUsed a KMC EL on a 3000km bikepacking trip. The chain was stretched to the limit by the end but it worked faultlessly, I always go for KMC chains as I find them excellent value for money.
GazzaIt’s so good I bought a second chain for my other bike. Laced both chains on 105 and Ultegra set ups. Super-slick change up and smooth down change. Really simple to fit. What a bargain!!
stephenGreat chain have the 11 speed version on my road bike will be ordering another in the next few days.
Mr goslingKMC chains have served me well for years and I don’t doubt this one will be the same
chrisBought this chain for my second bike so happy with the price and quality. Always found kmc chains strong and durable.
martinBest chain you can get at a great price, KMC are the best imo.
Carl PLight and shiny and seem to shift well. I think the quick link is one of the best out there, Shimano now offer one but is nowhere near as easy to fit and remove in my opinion.
AndyBought this to replace campag chain. Easy to fit and works well. Good offer price.
LukeGreat product, super lightweight, strong and trustworthy.
Thomas OhCan't go wrong with KMC. Just as good as Shimano, and include the easy to use "missing link" as well - great!
SloJoeJust a like for like replacement - previous lasted a long while before need for new one
IainLight, tight, slick on and between the cogs, and more efficient than many other 10sp chains.
CLIVEOnly use KMC chains so much better than the rest excellent product.
Paul ArnoldUse the KMC chains regularly as replacements on my winter bike. Quality chain. Never lets me down and fairly cheap to keep replacing over winter, although a single chain will last the winter period if looked after properly
Mr PyeLight, well engineered chain. Easy to fit thanks to the quick link. Highly recommended chain if you are looking to shave a few extra grams.
Mr GreenwoodKMC chains always perform very well and the X10-EL is a good example
KennethSmooth shifting. Quiet. Light. Comes with a "quick link" for easy installation.
Lee SI always use KMC chains on road and mtb, long life and reliable.
AlanI haven't used this particular chain yet but it seems good quality and reasonably light. I've used KMC chains in the past without issue.
R GregoryKMC are great chains, I use them on both Shimano and Campy set-ups and they are better (and cheaper) than either - even the more expensive versions. Why use anything else.
STThe usual KMC quality, a very good chain
JervaiseGood value at sale price. Prefer it to the Shimano chain it replaced.
Mr WatsonVery good quality chain for a reasonable price. Missing link is a handy addition.
Mr BaileyGood replacement chain for a Campagnolo groupset. Good price as well for the x10-el, 2/3 the cost of another online retailer👍
MervynGreat chain, if you are looking for a chain without any flash bling. Hardwearing. works well under strain and smooth shifting. KMC still are the best
BrianFirst class replacement bike chain delivered quickly at a very competitive price
JamesGreat product, I always use KMC chains now
Mr RoueExcellent value and quality chain. Quick links are great
KennethExcellent chains. Quiet. Shift smoothly.
Mr HorsmanEasy to fit,good quality,smooth efficient chain always achieve good mileage from KMC chains.
TeresaFabulous purchase. Had to change the cogs, but once I did, it works like a dream
Dunners RiderHappy with chain, does the job. KMC quality.
JeremyGreat chain , longer lasting than Shimano chains and smooth gear changes .
Mr christieThis chain moves faultlessly between gears and is supplied with a joining link. Do they last longer than other chains? Well in my opinion that is always going to depend on how clean and how you lubricate it.
Sam GSuper smooth and quiet chain. Fixed all my gear changing issues when going to a wide range 10spd cassette.
MikeHave used in the past. Excellent chain. Runs, shifts smooth and provides excellent service life.
StuartEasy to fit with the supplied quick link, tools aren`t required although mentioned on the instructions, plenty long enough, just had to remove a few links
MalcolmExcellent chain which is also multi-directional
Mr PMy bike was sad. The chain, following a winter of abuse was a bit out of shape. Within a couple of clicks I had secured a new and shiny KMC chain and it was delivered quick as you like. Fitting it was easy peasy with the included missing link and my bike seems much happier now. It isn't long fitted but still, it looks great!
RadiogramThe KMC X10-EL is quite simply a superb bike chain. When new out of the packet the chamfered edges of its outer plates make the chain gleam like a jewel in sunlight. I've used it on 10s Campagnolo drivetrains and I cannot fault it. Shifting is crisp and clean. Supplied KMC missing link makes chain removal a breeze. Link is best handled with a removal tool. Get one that can both close and open the link. KMC recommend Missing Link only be closed and opened three times, but I have never had problems from going several cycles beyond this limit. Nickel plating resists superficial corrosion and remains bright for a long time although I am not sufficiently fastidious to keep the chain scrupulously clean at all times so I can see it sparkle. Before using the X10-EL I thought the slotted inner and outer plates would accumulate more road grit and gunk but that has not been the case. Slots do make a considerable reduction in weight compared to solid plate chains, eg KMC X10.93, their half nickel chain. My regimen is to remove chain and cassette from bike every 1000-1200km and clean chain and cassette with solvent. Use wax based lubricants, eg Rock'n'Roll blue, Boeshield. Factory chain lube is stripped before first use of chain. Wax based lubricants accumulate less road grit than traditional oil based chain lubes, so there is much less wear of chain pins and inner plates, hence slower elongation rate. Running two chains per cassette I have been able to get 12000km on a single cassette with only one chain elongated >0.5%, the other is <0.5%. There is probably about 3000km further wear until one or both chains are >0.75%, which is when I discard cassette and chains. Note: this is not to claim that this KMC chain is especially long wearing. The durability of this combination is due to a combination of good quality cassette, good quality chains, good quality lubrication, and frequent maintenance. Highly recommend this chain.
Mr SimmsGreat service from Merlin again. Have had several of these chains and never had any problems.
ArmFirst time trying this chain. It seems comparable to the Shimano Ultegra chain (actually 5gr lighter I believe). I like the fact that it already comes with a quick link. That's the only way I install and use chains anymore as it's easier to clean (disconnect quick link, take off and clean, reconnect) and easier if I want to swap out cassette/chain combos for different terrain/races. I will have a better opinion of its functionality once I install it and use it for a season.
Mr PittHave KMC chain on shimano groupset on MTB and going to adopt on road bike. Light and strong.
GaryGreat chain, not as light as the SL but very similar in other ways, makes for a very silent running gear set up, there is a few improvements over my last chain (Shimano Ultegra) , the bright finish looks much better, the chain is easier to clean and does not get as dirty in the first place, IMHO better than the Ultegra option..,....
KevinGreat chain. Keep clean and will last a year or so
Mr BatesonGood for the winter bike. Strong, and easy to connect/disconnect. Good price.
ThomasWorks so well with Shimano crankset and cassettes. It shifts flawlessly. I have Dura Ace and Ultegra drivetrains on various bikes and use KMC exclusively. I use KMC X11 -SL and X10 SL chains and the EL chains is just as good with the exception of the added weight. Plus, you can't beat this price for the quality and ease of use.
Mr TomanVery light and efficient chain
Mr DeangThe chain is amazing, very smooth, and light, easy to clean as well, great quality chain from KMC
Mr TalbotThese are fine. Normally I would have gone for 10spd 105... but they seem to have gone extinct. This is a great alternative.
Mr PolsterKMC chains in my experience last considerably longer than similarly priced alternatives from Shimano or SRAM. $29 is a pretty good price for them. The EL weighs only a few grams more than the more expensive SL
StefQuality chain from KMC with their excellent "missing link" to make fitting and removal easy
ShaunGreat value chain been using this these in gold for last two years, silver colour is a bargain as a spare or 2nd chain in rotation.
jamesGreat chain, runs lovely and smooth on Campag 10 speed and looks damn good in the silver.
Mr BeserUsing shimano chains before but kmc have a little bit longer life than shimano. The link is beneficial to easily clean the chain.
ShayneAll my chains are KMCs. Never any problems.
VivianKMC chains are the best. Do not purchase shimano chains they are inferior to KMC chains by a long way. This chain is lighter and more durable than dura-ace chain, and not double the price. KMC is the way to go. And Merlin have awesome deals on KMC. Worth having a spare for MTB or road setups. Highly recommended.
AnneSuperb chain, used KMC many times before. This one was on offer for a couple of quid more than the usual one, so tried it, clearly a better more well made chain. I am expecting few years out of it!
Mr HenryBeing using KMC chain for a few years. Good, quality replacement for Simano and Campy chains.
PadsA nice step up from my usual KMC X10.93. Been easy to clean on my MTB despite a decent amount of exposure to sloppy muck
Mr FearBest chain I have used so far. Easier to fit than Campagnolo and cheaper too. Came at a good price from Merlin; highly recommended !
Mr Van DoornGood strong chain. Seem to wear better than the Shimano's. Joining links a a no brainer; much more sense than a pin.
Mr MeasuresFirst time I've used the missing link system, I found it easy to install and remove, liked it a lot. You would need to be a serious weight weenie to pay the extra for the EL10 over the standard 10 spd. Still it looks good. Excellent Merlin service and price as usual
Mr TaskisI always use KMC chains for all my bikes, never let me down yet and I would not use anything else.
Mr DEGAVINOWas advised to put a new chain on the 7900 chainset, and did not realise this is a magic link chain, so once the length is sorted, the chain can be removed without the need of a link remover. It does say to only undo the link three times, but I can see no reason for this, but that's what it states, much lighter than the Shimano 5600 chain I had on, and does seem smoother, so all in all pleased with the purchase
Mr WainmanAlways found the KMC chains easier to fit and replace over Shimano becasue of their connecting link design so a thumbs up there. Not the lightest chain of the KMC range but not the most expensive either and is excellent value for money and it keeps its colour. Works perfectly with Shimano transmissions.
Mr BrownI never use any other chain than KMC, You`ll wear this out before it snaps. Top chains, cannot see me using anything else.
SQ5Have used this chain before. It is light, quite and trouble free. As with any chain you just have to keep it clean and lubed and it won't let you down.
Mr WilkoGreat chain at a great price. Long lasting and I have only managed to mangle one in about 2 years of using these. I don't buy anything other than KMC chains for all my bikes. Great price too.
T StorrExcellent product at a typically good Merlin price. Runs smoothly and quiet
Prof GriffithsChain seeems to be fine, though only a few miles done so far.
MallyExcellent chain and super fast delivery - thanks
Dave JackettThese chains are very good indeed. Smooth, quiet and easy to fit. Great service from Merlin
Mr plummerExcellent and reliable chain. I have used them for several years now with no problems.
Mr GordonI've had a few KMC chains and they run pretty smooth. They come covered in a horrible sticky mess, which probably has great corrosion resistance butattracts even the slightest bit of dirt. I usually just clean it off and use my normal lube. The split link was a bit stiff to get in, but seems grand now.
Mr hogarthPerfect for the job. Recommended if you need a 10 speed.
olaffUsed first time, work smooth with shimano casette
Mr caisleyI have used KMC chains for several years now. Longevity is good if you keep them clean and the quality of gear shift is good when paired with my Ultegra Cassette and mech. Reasonably priced so you can afford to change it regularly keeping things smooth and making the cassette last longer between replacement.
Mr WilkinsonGreat chain for XC riding. I wouldn't say these were non-stretch but they are better than the Sram or Shinano ones I have used in the past, and not I dont use any other brand of chain on all my bikes. Great price and fast delivery as always from Merlin.
Mr dowseThe best delivery and quality gear on the "net"
ChrisExcellent chain. They last well and I haven't had one break on me so far, despite lots of mud and lots of mashing. I keep the re-useable missing link for spares whenever I replace the chain and I've now got a small pile of them because I never need to use them for chain breaks!
Mr BradfordAn economical buy for a chain, for me the quickest item on my bike to wear out.
Mr garthwaiteThese are excellent value chains with a split link which can be re-used, unlike Sram links. I always keep a this chain as a spare in my toolkit for use both at home and abroad. Keep the chain clean and correctly lubricated and 3000+ miles is possible before replacement.
Mr HawkenSo far so good! It's withstanding the Peak District grit very well, not sure how it will compare to my normal Shimano XT chain but initial indications are promising and the Merlin Price was excellent
Mr croppon my second kmc chain they seem to last better than orig equipment, and the snap link makes removal for cleaning a doddle
Mr GreenwoodReplaced a DX10SC that came with bike after a crank upgrade (Compact to a Standard). Decided to stick with KMC after being pleased with the no-nonsense MissingLink (tip: carry one in your saddle bag with a mini-brute chain tool, one day you'll need it), price compared to other brands and performance of the prior chain. Whilst only a few quid more, it is a decent upgrade. The chain is lighter and quieter, although this could be related to the crank upgrade.
DazzaFirst time I've used a KMC chain. It seems to change as well as my previous Shimano's. I can't comment on the longevity at this stage but I'm impressed by the ease of fitment (the missing link joiner) & finish quality. The merlin service & pricing is second to none. I definitely recommend them. Merlin are now my first option when I'm looking for new or replacement parts & clothing.
Rik SutherlandOrdered KMC 10s silver chain at 11am and received the following day. Best price on web plus additional discount at checkout!! How's that for a bargain!! Always use KMC chain as they last ages, run smooth, clean up great and never break. I now use Merlin for all my cycling purchases as delivery has always been fast, prices always cheap and products great! Great online store!
Mr brighamKMC chains - simply the best. SRAM chains dont come with a re-usable link in the 10 speed, KMC do. Plus they last forever.......