Brand Focus – Peaty’s

There are not many names bigger in the UK bike industry than Peaty’s. Steve Peat, the legendary Sheffield rider has won more than his fair share of massive bike races all over the world, including 4 UCI World Championships and 17 UCI World Cup wins, Steve’s racing career was all about getting down hill. Fast.

Team Effort

Steve hung up his race helmet and goggles for the last time in 2016. With his products Steve brings his decades of experience into the development process with a range of products which meet the needs of bike riders. It’s not just Steve though, he has assembled a team of people who pull everything together, these include Co-Founder Bryn Morgan has a background in product and graphic design.

Planet Friendly

A core aspect of their products is that they are as user-friendly and environmentally-conscious as possible but without compromising on performance. This goes right through the product range from their initial formulation to thoughtful packaging and logistics as well as how the product is used and recycled after use.

The Range

With a wide range of products suitable for all types of bike riding, here are some of our favourites. First up is Peaty’s tyre sealant which has quickly gained a reputation as one of the best formulas available. This is partly due to its biodegradable glitter platelets which take care of holes and tears up to 6mm.

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