Brand Focus – Pedros

Boasting an extensive range of tools, lube and maintenance products, Pedros have become a brand which bike riders around the world rely upon. But who is Pedro?

The Start

Way back in 1989, two roommates, Bruce Fina and Andrew Herrick started the business. Bruce’s brother had developed a chain lube which their ride mates couldn’t get enough of. The lube was called Syn Lube and it would be the foundation product on which Pedros was built.

Wider Range

Syn Lube was special at the time because the other Teflon based lubes couldn’t handle the mud. The product was formulated with pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors and tackifiers. These ingredients provide unrivalled wear protection, lubrication and staying power to last – even in extremely muddy conditions. Syn lube became a much sought after product, and word-of-mouth led to demand going through the roof.

Boom Growth

As with many successful businesses timing was everything. Pedros was up and running just as the 1990’s MTB boom kicked in. Rapid growth of product lines saw several new lines to broaden the depth of offerings, these included, Syn Grease, Syn Lube Road, Bio Degreaser, Bike Lust polish, Extra Dry lube, Orang Peel degreaser, and a line of accessories made from recycled plastics, these included milk levers, milk cage, and grips. As the company grew, so did their support for grass-roots MTB racing, making a strong bond between them and their customers.

Tooled Up for 2000

By the year 2000, pro’ level tools had become a whole new range. This positioned the company as a complete bicycle maintenance brand. This further product range growth enabled more support for grass-roots events and riders. With up to 60 events per year and 375 riders per year being supported..

Core Values

Pedros continues its core business in the same way today, customer focus, grass-roots support and a drive to produce innovative products which last, are safe and perform as they should. In a nut-shell, Pedros offer high performance bike care products which will keep bikes performing at their best – so we, the customers, can enjoy every ride.

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