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Best suited for dry conditions.


Pedro’s Go! has been engineered in a low viscosity to provide superior wear protection and lubrication under high load, reducing wear to drivetrain components by providing low friction and high efficiency.

Go! is our most advanced vegetable/synthetic chain lubricant engineered on a molecular level to associate ionically with metal surfaces creating a protective barrier, and keeping it there, for added life and increased anti-wear properties. In addition the lower viscosity further improves efficiency and penetration to ensure full internal surface coverage and protection against corrosion. As an added bonus, Go! is biodegradable and a great solvent helping to remove contaminants from the chain.

Sharing many of the same advantages as Chainj, but in a more advanced, lower viscosity, Go! is also a fantastic chain lubricant with many properties that make it a good general purpose lubricant. In a case of two metal surfaces coming in contact under a load, the vegetable oils are more slippery, enabling the metal surfaces to slide easier, reducing friction. Additionally, the negative charge, molecule size, and viscosity of Go! makes it a much better penetrant versus synthetic lubricants. This is beneficial when trying to unfreeze rusty bolts, as these products are able to get into the cracks and help to remove these frozen bolts. This also makes Go! great for many tasks such as lubricating derailleur pivots and cables, loosening stuck hardware and components or removing gunk.


How to use:

1. Apply lubricant to the rollers of the chain. and backpedal drivetrain 2-3 full rotations to distribute lubricant.

2. For best performance, wait at least 1 hour before riding.

3. Before riding use a rag to wipe off all excess lubricant from outside surfaces of chain.

Been using Muc Off line for a long time now but this stuff is much much better, a drop to each link quick run with a cloth to get excess off and away you go. My chain has said clean over a few 20+ mile rides and still running smoothly. Not bad considering I ride along the sea front every ride. Could never say that about Muc Off. Recommended and great value
Thinner than a normal wet lube, attracts less dirt and seems to last in the rain.
Works well. Doesn't attract dirt.
I like this stuff. It seems quite thin-ish so gets into the chain. Doesn't gunk up and I usually apply after every 2 or 3 rides, even in winter. Been using it for years - typically "wet lubes" seem to gunk up and I'd rather apply more often onto a semi-clean chain than go thru the palaver of cleaning a chain after every ride. Good stuff.