Pedro's GREEN FIZZ Foaming Bike Cleaner
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Pedro's GREEN FIZZ Foaming Bike Cleaner
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Pedros Green Fizz Foaming Bike Cleaner

Green Fizz is an incredible foaming bike wash that has allowed Pedro's to quickly, easily, and effectively wash thousands of bikes around the world at major events like the Sea Otter Classic in California to Riva del Garda in Italy.

Green Fizz is different than many other bike wash products because it uses proprietary surfactants, instead of solvents, to lift dirt and grime from the whole bike. The surfactants work quickly on dirt and other contaminants by lowering the surface tension of the dirt molecules and allowing it to be effortlessly wiped or rinsed from the bike.

Green Fizz’s biodegradable solvent-free formula can be safely used on all parts and materials, including carbon fibre, without washing away grease and lubricants or damaging delicate parts. The formula can be used straight from the bottle with a rag, sprayed from the bottle and then rinsed with water, or diluted in a bucket or water and used with brushes or other cleaning tools. Whichever way you choose, Green Fizz will leave you with a beautifully clean bicycle.


How to use:

1. Spray straight from the bottle onto all parts of the bike and let sit for a few minutes. Do not let dry.

2. Rinse well with water using low to medium pressure and then dry with clean rag.

3. Green Fizz can also be used without water using a rag or, for extreme jobs, mixed into a bucket of water. Then dip a brush into the suds and scrub the whole bike.

4. Though it will remove some dirt from chains, cassettes and chainrings, Green Fizz is not designed for heavy duty degreasing. Instead, use Pedro's Pro J degreasers for the best results.

Oliver It's a reasonable bike cleaner. It does require a brush and then a hose pipe and then a cloth of course. I'm glad it's biodegradable. It doesn't strip oil from the chain, for instance, it's a bit gentler than full degreaser
Mr Burns An easy way to clean the road muck off the frame giving a good bright finish.
Clare Great product. Cleaned my bike just fine. Perfectly happy with it
Mr Crowe Works well - lifts the muckiest muck and good value too.
Diane Great product, I actually got it to do the alloys of my car just the job.
lee Good product. Works well and at a good price
adrian What a great product - spray it on leave for a bit and rinse off and you have a clean bike ..
Mrs Mudd This product was part of a birthday gift for my stepson, it arrived quickly and he was very pleased with it, just what he needed for his new bicycle.
Mr P Gibson Excellent cleaner minimal effort required, good foaming action. Will defo be ordering some more
mark Cheap, green and lifts dirt like magic, outstanding
Will Effective on generic muck, but grease and brake crud require something stronger.
Stef Good value cleaner, especially for winter months!