Brand Focus – Rotor

Back in 1994, Pablo Carrasco, an aeronautical engineer, and Ignacio Estellés, a lawyer, had a vision that it would be possible to revolutionise cycling technology simply through a new idea. The two friends shared a belief that they could develop a new pedalling system. This system would eliminate the ‘dead-spot’ bike riders have while pedalling. Rotor initially focussed on pedalling biomechanics and a revolutionary concept.

Form a Q

Rotor’s Q rings are elliptical instead of round, this enables variable drivetrain resistance whilst pedalling. So as the stronger muscles are pushing down, there is more resistance, and resistance is minimised during the weaker part of the pedal stroke. The Rotor OCP (Optimal Chainring Position) system enables adjustment of the position of the chainring with respect to the crank to optimise your pedalling power. However, Q rings don’t suit all types of riders, sprinting power can be reduced and dropped chains can be an issue if they are not used with a clutch rear derailleur.. Many riders still use them though, particularly mountain bike riders.


In the early days Rotor manufactured chainrings, cranks and chainsets. They were fearless and got stuck in to a market dominated by big long-established brands. Customers who tried the brands products fell in love with Rotor and believed in the brand. Through these loyal customers the brand has built over time. It is recognised for its innovative technology solutions outside of the mainstream brands.


Innovations and developments have encouraged Rotor down some interesting routes in terms of alternatives to the mainstream. One such innovation was the hydraulic shifting Uno groupset and later (non-hydraulic shifting) 1×13 groupset. With both offering completely unique and slightly quirky systems. You have to admire Rotors tenacity when it comes to thinking outside the box and coming up with different alternatives.

Bike Riders

As well as being inventors and engineers, above all, Rotor are cyclists. They are inspired by what’s possible within the boundaries of science, design and purpose.

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