Race Report: Challenge Peguera Triathlon

Our intrepid employee and #TeamMerlin rider, Bex has been at it again! In just her second season of triathlon, Bex has progressed brilliantly. Last weekend, Bex took on some of Europe’s best triathletes in Mallorca, here’s her race report.

The sea conditions on race day were nothing short of being described as epic – there was a massive swell and some cracking waves to negotiate. The age group women started in their own wave after all of the men. As soon as the siren went it was a sprint into the sea, diving under waves and riding the roller coaster of the waves.  Sighting wasn’t even an option as the only thing that you could see was the next wave that was approaching. The way back was awesome – catching waves and getting a free ride at every opportunity to make up for the hard work on the way out. I ended up first out of the water in the women and recorded the 4th fastest time overall out of the pro’ women.

Onto transition I think I caught the marshalls out by being in the thick of the mens race, so much so, they hadn’t opened the womens transition tent. This meant a bit of a detour into the tent to get kitted out for the bike.

Once on the bike, it was a case of settling into a rhythm as quickly as possible and getting some fuel on board. Straight out of transition we went up the climb of Coll des Tords before turning and descending back down and onto the flats, before heading onto a second lap. I was loving the bike course as it had a bit of everything and the support through the villages and towns was fantastic.

Heading into T2 I knew that one athlete wasn’t too far behind me so a swift transition was needed to get out onto the run as quickly as possible.

By the first run turn, we could see where each of us were. I wanted to race well and I knew I had to put a good run in. By the first turn, at the far end of the course, I had started to open up a gap and just kept going. Passing under the finish banner, I’d won the overall amateur female wave by 6-minutes, my age group by 18-minutes and finished 12th out of the pro’ women. I was really happy to have finished the season with a solid race and also booked a ticket to the Challenge Championship in Slovakia next year.

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Photo’s courtesy of Challenge Peguera Triathlon

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