Merlin Road Shoes

Here at Merlin Towers, we are keen to reduce the cost of riding bikes for our customers, and ourselves… Here are our latest offerings to the budget concious road bike rider. Comfy shoes are essential for enjoying cycling, these two budget shoes offer an excellent opportunity to upgrade your current kicks, or dip your toe into the world of road cycling shoes for the first time…

Merlin RC1 Shoes £34.99

Merlin RC2 Shoes £62.50

Merlin RC2

Both the RC1 and RC2 shoes feaure a vented lightweight nylon sole. The vented sole lets air pass through the vented insole which helps reduce discomfort from overheated feet.

RC1 and RC2 Sole
RC1 and RC2 vented Insole

Bring Closure

The main difference between the two shoes is in their method of closure and materials used in manufacturing of the upper part of the shoe.

Merlin RC1

The entry level RC1 shoes feature three simple velcro straps for secure closure. The synthetic leather upper features breathable mesh panels, the synthetic leather, with an attractive almost honeycomb pattern, provides the quality look usually found with pricier big brand shoes.

The mid range RC2 shoes feature dial and velcro closure. Turning the dial tightens the shoe, pulling the dial upwards releases – simple and secure. A subtle & stealthy matt black synthetic leather upper shoe, gives these shoes the look and feel of far more expensive footwear. The solid, reinforced rubber toe and heal shield will help protect toes and offer some protection against rougher usage.

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RC2 Dial Closure
Merlin RC2 Toe Protection
Merlin RC2 Heel Protection

Both the RC1 and RC2 shoes are compatible with a range of pedal types, including SPD, SPD SL, Look (and speedplay with adapters).

Merlin RC2 Heel Grip

Size Neutral

Shoe sizing can be a minefield. Thankfully Merlin’s shoes stick to their sizes very well – forget the ‘sizing up’ and ‘sizing down’ business. I am a fairly wide footed size 43 and size 43 fits just fine, even with horrendous socks!

Click In

It’s all well and good just looking at them, let’s get them outside & attached to pedals. Luckily my ‘man drawer’ had a pair of spd cleats and my local gravel trails had dried out…

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While comfort is obviously very subjective, I found the RC2s comfortable. I was a little dubious of the nylon sole (the same sole on the RC1 and RC2), I was thinking they would be flexy when stomping on the pedals, but no – they seemed solid enough for my needs at least. For a first outing, they seemed more comfortable than my stiff carbon soled Spiuk’s, which can deliver achey feet after longer rides.

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I headed out on my local gravel loop for 50k’s. While they are not designed to be ‘Gravel Shoes’, I figured they would get a decent work out. As virtually all my gravel rides don’t include getting bogged or walking, the RC2’s seem ideal. Both the RC1 and RC2 are available in sizes from 41 to 47. Size 43 RC2 shoes weigh 480 grams / pair and the RC1 weigh 560 grams / pair.

Merlin RC1 Shoes £34.99

Merlin RC2 Shoes £62.50

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