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    Road bike shoes

    Shoes are a major part of a cyclists outfit. We stock top brands including SiDi, Shimano, Northwave and Bont ensuring there’s a pair of shoes to suit you. Road cycling shoes are minimalist. They have little or no tread on the sole. The pedal cleat stands proud of this featureless sole. They’re very much based around pedalling, not walking. The uppers are similarly on the sleek and thin side of things too. This makes them much easier for pulling-on overshoes too for riding in colder weather. Speaking of cold weather, most road shoes are regular below-ankle types but you can also get high-top road ‘boots’ for riding in really wintery conditions. The soles are as stiff as they can be – for pedal power. The soles are as thin as they can be – for weight and (to a degree) for bike handling. Some pretty fancy material are used in the construction of road shoes, carbon fibre being the most well known. The soles have holes in them for attaching clipless pedal cleats to. The most common hole array is 3-holes (often now combined with a 2-hole array too). Oddball Speedplay cleats use a 4-hole array and you can find shoes with 4-hole soles if need be.