Sidi Wire 2S Road Cycling Shoes
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Sidi Wire 2S Road Cycling ShoesSidi Wire 2S Road Cycling ShoesSidi Wire 2S Road Cycling Shoes
Sidi Wire 2S Road Cycling Shoes
The Wire 2S matte shoe is a high performance racing or training road shoe that offers exemplary lateral support and stability, along with breathability. It will let you ride as hard as you like, with confidence that you'll stay cool and that every watt of power will reach the pedals.
Reinforcement is provided by the Firmor lateral support system, built into the lateral side of the shoe to strengthen it, while the Vent Carbon sole is rigid enough to conduct maximum force to your pedals. It does, however, allow some controlled flexion at the tip and biomechanically relieve stress to the plantar tendons, while also improving your circulation.
Importantly, it features a replaceable air intake vent at the toe, along with air channels and mesh inserts, to maximise the ventilation and heat dispersion as you ride, letting you train hard in all weathers without overheating. There's also a scale to help you remember you cleat position and a non-slip sole at the heel.
Meanwhile, a dual-rotor Tecno-3 Push closure system includes one dial located at the centre of the shoe, to mould the upper to your foot, and another located on the lateral side of the heel and paired with Sidi's Soft Instep Closure System. The latter cinches in to refine the fit around the top of the foot as comfortably as possible. Both dials can be flipped up with a touch of a button, for easy adjustment on the go.
The Wire 2S is finished off with an adjustable heel retention device, which can be tightened or loosened with a screwdriver to achieve the snuggest possible fit for your foot, ensuring that you won't rise out of the shoe even during the most intense efforts. As much force as possible will thus travel through your shoes to ramp up your speed.
  • A high performance shoe that offers unrivalled stability with breathability
  • With the Firmor lateral support system reinforcing the shoe
  • Vent Carbon sole is stiff yet highly ventilated
  • Includes replaceable, anti-slip heel pad
  • With light microfibre TechPro upper
  • Closed by dual-dial Tecno-3 Push system with Dyneema® cord
  • Anatomically shaped Soft Instep Closure System 5 supports high insteps and adjusts width
  • Adjustable heel retention device