Tommy Bridewell visits Merlin Cycles

Merlin Cycles are proud to be sponsoring British Superbike legend Tommy Bridewell for the upcoming 2020 season. You can keep up to date with Tommy’s progress in all of his races on ITV4 and several other media outlets (keep an eye out for our logo).

Tommy took some time out before his pre-season training started to pop into our shop and collect his new Merlin Cordite road bike. Here we ask him a few questions about cycling, training and his expectations for 2020.

Q: How did you get involved with cycling?

A: From racing motorbikes, it was quite apparent to race motorbikes you need to be fit and cycling seem to be the obvious choice.

Q: Where’s your favourite place to ride?

A: Somewhere nice and hot, somewhere with hills. Spain is a favourite I like hitting some hills hard, recovering a bit and hitting them again. Flat long roads don’t roads don’t really do it for me. I need something to work at, Italy is another favourite. But yeah as long as it’s hot and hilly.

Q: What have your impressions of Merlin Cycles been like today?

A: Mega, enjoyed the tour, enjoying seeing the infastructure it’s been mind blowing. The dedication the whole team have is impressive and the layout and seeing how everything works has been great.

Q: What do you think of your new Merlin Cordite?

A: Absolutely love it, to look at it now just brings a smile to my face. I’m really looking forward to getting on it and putting the miles in. I’m very impressed with the build quality and can’t wait to take it out.

Q: You’ve been having a good look around the shop, have you seen anything else you like?

A: Many things yeah, I could proably leave with a lorry full. Being a cycling fan there are many things I like and could definately put to good use.

Q: What are your tips for any cyclists out there?

A: Enjoy it for a start off, don’t take it too seriously and enjoy what you do. Enjoy the miles no matter what the weather, don’t treat it as a chore. Yes the weather can get you down in the UK but it’s still nice to get out. Enjoy getting the miles in, enjoy building some strength and enjoy building some fitness.

Q: Moving on to motorcycling, what are your plans for the off season?

A: So i’ve got a practice bike to take out on test in Spain, so i’m looking forward to that. The Spain plans will not only incorporate track miles but also putting the road miles in on your bike. That should take up 90% of my off season training.

Q: What are your expectations for this new season?

A: Tricky coming off the back of last season but the focus is just to build on last year and win the British Championship. We have great support and with the help of people like Merlin we hope we can go and and grab that win.

Good luck in the new season Tommy, enjoy the new bike and we’ll see you again soon!

Check out Tommy on social media

Twitter: @tommybridewell

Instagram: @tommybridewell


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