What To Take On Your First Gravel Event

With the explosion of gravel cycling and events such as Dirty Reiver just a few weeks away, we look at what essentials should be taken whilst out on a big gravel ride.

Frame Bags

Somewhere to put spares is essential. Brands such as Restrap and Evoc have a great choice of luggage to fit to your bicycle. Of course, they are available in a wide range of sizes and colours ensuring there is an option for every gravel cyclist.


Big rides need fueling properly to ensure the body is receiving the nutrients it requires. Small, packable options such as Torq’s Explore Flapjacks not only provide an energy boost, but are also great tasting and easy to digest to keep hunger at bay. Whilst the many options of drink supplements ensure that hydration is taken care of.


Let’s be honest, at some point you will have a mechanical. Carrying a few spares like spare chain links, a pouch of sealant and a multitool are a great place to start. And of course, a small pump or Co2 cartridge are essential. A small TPU inner tube is also a great option given their lack of size.

Your essentials

Tell us what your essentials are for big gravel rides and good luck to anyone about to take part in their first big gravel ride.


  • Andy McAteer

    A keen cyclist, I've ridden everything from road, track, mountain and gravel. Currently riding on the gravel bike the most around the local trails of Rivington. Can usually be found having a beer post-ride at the local brewery.

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