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Bont Vaypor Plus Road Shoes

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Bont Vaypor Plus Road Shoes - White Standard Fit
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Lighter, Stronger, Faster.

The Bont Vaypor has been re-engineered from the ground up to create the Vaypor+.

Whilst maintaining all of the design and technical attributes that has made the Vaypor one of the finest cycling shoes available,
the Vaypor+ introduces new materials, closure design and last shapes that not only improve fit, but also performance.

Please Note: Bont Shoe Sizes may not equate to your usual shoe size.  Bont shoes are sized based on the length of the foot, please take the time to visit the sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit for your feet.

Durolite Outer Skin:

Strength to weight ratio's have always played an important part in Bont cycling shoe design
as all materials considered and developed for products within the Bont range must comply to strict standards.
Durolite has been developed and chosen for the Vaypor+ upper and liner for its extremely durable nature and light weight.
Initially stock colors will be matt white and matt black with additional colors available in our semi custom range.

Unidirectional Carbon:
The Vaypor+ has been upgraded to a matt carbon unidirectional finish to improve the aesthetics of the sole and further reduce the weight of the shoe.

Retention System:
Dual Dial retention system has been introduced into the Vaypor+ design with dual directional bottom dial and quick release top dial for easy entry and exit.
The nylon coated Kevlar wiring has been positioned to maximise the dispersion of retention load across the top of the foot.

Ventilation of the Vaypor+ is maximized by including ventilation holes across the tongue,
top of the forefoot, through the front bumper and arch area of the shoe.
The ventilation system of the Vaypor+ has been designed to create an even airflow around the foot for cooling.

Anti Stretch:
Between the outer skin and the liner we add a material that is proprietary to Bont to stop the cycling shoe from stretching over time. This material has similar strength characteristics to Kevlar. The material is stitched to the outer skin and bonded to the liner so it can never move or be removed, it becomes part of the cycling shoes structure. This layer assits in pedalling efficiency by maintaining a supportive structure over the top of the foot in the upward part of the pedal stroke.

Carbon Fiber:

Bont carbon fiber is sourced exclusively from the world's #1 carbon manufacturer, Toray of Japan. The base of the Vaypor+ is made by hand utilizing uni-directional carbon fiber which is embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear. The Vaypor+ utilizes unidirectional carbon fiber allowing Bont to create a performance cycling shoe with very specific strength characteristics based on stress points in cycling. As unidirectional carbon absorbs less resin then cross weave fibers, it also assists in the weight reduction of the cycling shoes.

Last Design:
A last is a replica of a foot that the cycling shoe is built around. Last makers do not make cycling shoe lasts, they only make shoe lasts so perfecting a cycling shoe last requires a great deal of expertise in functional biomechanics and ongoing research.
At Bont, we have been perfecting our performance footwear lasts since 1975 and the process is ongoing. We believe we place more importance and thus place more effort into our last than any other cycling shoe brand and it is
the reason that Bont cycling shoes continue to be a leader in providing the most functional and correct anatomical support
to cyclists than any other brand on the market. Our motto in terms of cycling shoe fit is simple, "We make shoes for cycling, not walking."

The Vaypor+ utilises closed cell memory foam that will not retain water assisting in maintaining a lighter shoe during wet conditions as well as ensuring sweat which can begin to break down the durability of the shoe is not absorbed.

TPU Toe Protector:
The toe protector not only protects the front area of the shoe from wheel rub and impact, but also houses ventilation holes for improving airflow through the shoe.

Heat Moulding:
Bont cycling shoe is the most heat moldable shoes available. Bont's proprietary resin has been developed and perfected over 36 years to be an extremely stiff resin that becomes pliable at relatively low temperatures. Unlike other shoes which are moldable only in select locations, all Bont cycling shoes are able to be molded over the entire chasis providing cyclist not only with the most anatomically designed cycling shoe on the market today, but also with the ability to fine tune the fit of the entire shoe to give a customised fit.

Medial Longitudinal Arch Support:
Structural medial longitudinal arch support is provided in all models to stop over pronation of feet. Over pronation is one of the main contributors to incorrect tracking of knees during a cyclists pedaling phase due to internal rotation of tibia and femur.
This can result in knee injuries. In addition, the rotation of tibia/femur can cause the pelvis to tilt resulting in lower back strain.

Anatomical Forefoot Shape:
Conventional cycling shoes offer a “dress shoe” type shaping. Although highly aesthetic this will cause the toes along with the metatarsals to be overly constricted, compressing the nerves between the metatarsals which often results in the common "hot foot" sensation. Bont cycling shoes anatomical shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position. The foot is supported in its endeavour to relax through the metatarsal joints allowing the pedalling force to be spread across the greatest possible surface area.

Anatomical Heel Cup:
The anatomical heel cup shaping of Bont cycling shoes provides increased stability during the pull through stage of pedaling stroke and up stroke. This stabilization is achieved without any mechanical operation or over tightening of straps/laces allowing for increased comfort and blood circulation.

Lateral Forefoot Support:
Bont’s lateral forefoot support ensures neutral positioning of the forefoot and alleviates common issues associated with over pronation and supination. These issues often result in incorrect tracking of knees causing injuries along with hip and lower back pain.


  • Model:Vaypor+
  • Material:Unidirectional Carbon Monocoque Chassis with Durolite Upper and liner.
  • Stack Height:3.6 mm
  • Air Vents:Frontal area air vents and air gills in arch area
  • Innersole:EVA thermo-moldable
  • Sole Guards:Replaceable
  • Padding:Memory Foam
  • Cleat Mounting:MM grid plus grip / 3 Hole Look Configuration
  • Fit Customization:Fully Heat Moldable Chassis utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin
  • Closing Options:Dual Dial Retention System with Kevlar wiring
  • Weight:230grams



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***** on 19/04/2014

Have bought these to update my much loved Bont A-Ones which have been relegated to training after several seasons and still going strong. They are a noticeable refinement in terms of uppers and fasteners as well as general build appearance but with the same sole & mouldable mid-upper technology in an extremely light package with low stack height. I wouldn't buy any other shoe.

***** on 01/09/2013

Perfect. I had the T-1 track shoe before and I'll keep that as my training shoe, but the Vaypor Plus is better in every way. The fit is slightly different and better for my feet, being able to adjust on the fly is a big improvement for longer races, the new insoles are much better (I transfer them to the T-1 when I use those shoes) and I think they even look better.

***** on 06/08/2013

very light, comfy and basically a lowcut boot. I realy do think these shoes will make you faster. No shoe collapse just huge amount of stiffness and power feedback.
The lace system is brilliant, I brought the vapour + to use as a tri shoe as well, a few in's & out's and I was happy with the shoes easy entry/exit ability.
The heat molding worked a treat I did the process 3x for a superior fit. Just remember to heat mold them with a thin sock if you want to where them nude in a tri or whichever sock you most ride with.

A serious shoe for people looking for ultimate performance.

10/10 comfort / performance & price (for what you get)!!!

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