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BBB BWS-03 WaterFlex Shoecovers is no longer available at Merlin Cycles. However you may find an alternative or updated product below.
BBB BWS-03 WaterFlex Shoecovers - 2017
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BBB BWS-03 WaterFlex Shoecovers - 2017

This item was discontinued 1st April 2024.

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Code:: BWS-03N
BBB BWS-03 WaterFlex Shoecovers
When you’re looking for the best protection in mildly wet conditions, the Waterflex Shoecover is you’re weapon of choice. Its advanced 2mm WaterFlex material with an outer PolyUrethane rubber and inner MicroFleece give the highest level of water resistance, flexibility and durability. With Added protection on the toes and heals these overshoes are built to last, taped seams help keep your feet dry even in on the wettest of roads!
  • Designed to offer the best protection against the rain.
  • Advanced 2 mm WaterFlex material, outer polyurethane(PU) rubber with inner MicroFleece give the highest level of water-resistance, flexibility and durability.
  • 38 mm wide Velcro strap allows you to use these shoe covers for (in-line)skates.
  • Reflective artwork for extra visibility.
  • Industrial-strength YKK-zipper.
  • Flap behind the zipper.
  • Velcro rubber strap for a secure fit.
  • All seams are covered inside with waterproof tape.
  • Two reinforced parts between sole and zipper as well as on the nose.
Aaron Fillion I have used the BB Waterflex Shoecovers for over 10 years. I have used version 1, 2 and 3. This is version 2. The reason why I have liked these is they have a strong zipper, easily stretch and are not too big in the ankle. I use these from -10°C to 20°C in combination with other toe covers and other shoecovers when colder. The main draw with these is theat they are flexible in the ankle area and I fell no resistance to the bending of my foot. The thing I really did not like with version 2 is the way they changed the joints in the toe area. The re-enforment in the toe area is too small, when use with larger shoes, and results in the toe sticking out a bit. This may not be an issues with smaller or some road shoes, but it was definately an issue wit hmy MTB shoes. When I use these shoescovers alone, I find the limit is about 10°C. They provide some resistance to rain or a road spray. But usually if it is raining after 15 minutes my feet will be soaked. Like every other pair of shoe covers I have ever owned, the bottom of these will become shreaded, the the good thing is the bottom of the zipper is reinforced well and that is not effected. The reason I end up needing the replace these is the toe re-inforcement has ripped apart and the front of the show cover flips up and needs to be pulled down. With version 3 of this model, they fixed the shape of the toe re-enforcement, but with version 3 the rear velrco is very weak.
Mr Jerram I use these over neoprene overshoes to provide an extra waterproof layer and an extra bit of insulation for which they are perfect. Would also do as a spring/autumn overshoe
Mr Fillion Like every other pair of booties I have owned, the bottom of these booties shreds around the edges and material is slowly ripped or shredded until too much fabric comes off the toes and the booties no longer stay on the toes. This model, is no better or worse than any other makes or booties in this regard. The thing I like with this model is that they are highly flexible, so they are easy to pull on and off. And because they are flexible you don't have to pull on the zipper so hard that the zipper ends up breaking. Also, the ankles on these fit better (smaller and tighter) than any other booties I have ever owned. I got the 43/44 size to go with my size 45 Time Road Shoes.
Mr Finnin Good quality at a good price. Prompt and efficient service