Beto MP-035 Shock Pump
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Beto MP-035 Shock Pump
Code: 40189
Excellent value shock pump.
  • 400 PSI shock pump
  • Bleeder valve for fine tuning
  • 2-stage non-leaking valve system
  • Precision 1.5" industry class guage
  • Swivel hose for easy engagement
PoissonGreat pump for mtb fork.
Mr DentonAn excellent little pump,lightweight packable and well made the scale could do with being a little bigger and I don't think I will use the full pressure of 400psi but pumps up suspension well. Excellent quality and price.
Mr CaneVery reasonably priced but does the job perfectly.
Mr PerkinsThe pump is amazing, definitely recommend to anyone, amazing quality for the cheap price.
Mr EstrellaVery nice pump easy to use and carry, I like it
Ms CarpenterReally nice little piece of kit. Does the job beautifully.
Mr HaoGreat value for money. Great quality. Surely I would by some other product from Beto
DavidTried to pump up my rear shock and found it wasn't engaging the Shrader pin so was only pressuring up the hose. If you're seeing the same thing, there's an easy fix. In the side that attaches to the Shrader, there's a much too fat rubber O-ring inside the main housing, pull it out with a pick (careful not to damage it) and carefully cut it in half with a very sharp X-acto blade to make 2 smaller o-rings and reinsert one. Now it engages and works perfectly.
Mr QuetzBuild quality is very good. The 2-stage non-leaking valve system is an awesome feature of this pump.
Mr McCahonGood entry level pump, I recheck the pressure using a digital gauge.
Trailblazer phAccurate. Compact and cheap.
Mr WilsonA great value shock pump - can't really think why you would need anything more sophisticated to be honest. Foldy handle is ....errr handy, the bleed button was nicely controlled and the double screw-on valve attachment makes sure there is no leak from the fork/shock chamber when disconnecting. I don't know if the gauge is accurate but it felt right when riding and I have no reason to think it isn't. Four stars, not five? Yeah well, I'm sure it could have been titanium, the foldy handle is plastic and could have been metal etc. But hey it does everything you need and doesn't cost that much - recommended.
yewThis is a solidly built shock pump. It is so light and accurate. Good value.
SamuelGood shock pump works quite efficiently
MartinA well bulit pump with a second valve that makes it especially useful for rear-shocks! Recommend!
Mr StevensonNice and easy pump to use plus great value
Mrs dee4 stars as like most shock pumps it struggles to cope wity high pressure and requires a lot of work to get to desired pressure but has a very comfy handle and is compact
Mr macdonaldNot the greatest pumping power but gets the job done.
Mr HepworthNice little pump. Does the job well and is easy to use. Half the price of others - what else can I say?
Mr ShillaberGreat item, feels very well made, pumps smoothly and works flawlessly. What more can I say!
Mr BlenkhornGood little pump. Sweet bleeding valve and clever valve coupler
gillsThis is a great product that does exactly what I wanted to do. The gauge is easy to read and the bleed button allowed precise adjustment. Pump feels solid in construction.
Mr DunnellVery nice compact little shock pump, the gauge is a little bit hard to read if you have a lower pressure fork however the way the pump attaches to the valve makes trial and error very easy to do. Over all it a very neat piece of kit and well worth the low price.
ChrisExcellent pump. Feels very solid and well made. Seals nicely over the valve and the bleed button works well. Looks like it will last forever. Well worth the small amount it cost.
Mr johnsonWhy pay more? Good quality and it pumps air. Not much else you can ask for in a pump used quite rarely. Pay twice as much if you like for another brand but this one is spot on and a decent price.
Mr wadsworthWell what can you say, does what it is made for, recently fitted some Rockshox Rebas to my bike and the shock pump was great, filled the air chambers up in very short time to the required pressure.
Mr SmithOnly used the once (so can't comment on longevity) but it works exactly as expected and it seems well put together for the price. Purchased for my new RS forks that didn't come with a shock pump.