Blackburn Outpost Seat Pack With DryBag
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Blackburn Outpost Seat Pack With DryBagBlackburn Outpost Seat Pack With DryBagBlackburn Outpost Seat Pack With DryBag
Blackburn Outpost Seat Pack With DryBag
A great alternative to panniers or a backpack. Ideal for overnight trips, but also works well for commuting or long day trips.
  • Extra large capacity seat pack
  • Removable and welded, waterproof dry bag
  • Adjusts easily to larger or smaller volume cargo
  • Mounts quickly on almost any bike
  • Also works with many standard dry bags and other stuff sacks
  • 70D nylon, 4mm ripstop seatpack with water resistant treatment and backing
  • 516 Grams
Mr DedaThis bag completly do not move when you ride. Excelent quality! But it not have special hole for remove air.
Mr SIewI like it. Volume can be adjusted as required and great quality. 7 day delivery to Singapore. Thanks Merlin!
Miss PattersonAwesome product, great size, looking forward to using on an upcoming big trip.
LeeThis bag just works as it should, and packed/secured correctly does not pendulum nor move at all even on rough technical terrain or when throwing bike side to side up steep climbs. Four straps essentially secure the bag to the bike, then the removable dry bag fits inside which means speedy hassle free loading and unloading of dry bag and contents once you get to where you are going for the day. Saves a lot of fiddling attaching and detaching the whole setup each morning / night. Dry bag seems heavy duty, so no concerns it might leak. Various heavier duty materials in the rights places on outer bag / mounting part of bag mean it should be very durable and resist wear over time. You can also stuff longer items, bike locks, hatchets (see blackburn video) or similar longer items through this pack or lengthways. There are some nice attachment loops on rear for lights and extra items - I've zig zagged a little bungee cord I had laying around through this for additional, quick-storage options. One note: I have fairly strong / large legs, so occasionally made slight contact between the back of my thighs and where the pack attaches to the seat post ... however, this was not enough to concern me, would in no way chafe and could most likely be rectified by packing the base of the dry bag a little narrower and securing more carefully. I bought this for use in conjunction with topeak's frontloader, framebag and fuel tank bags. Reason I did not go for the topeak outback saddle bag is that this has the removable dry bag option as mentioned in this review, where I don't believe the topeak does ... so end of day and packing much easier with this, so worth what little extra I paid. Overall REALLY impressed with how this pack attaches so securely and felt on the bike and stayed so solid on all types of terrain. Capacity wise it feels like it holds about as much as I would ever want hanging off the back of the bike.
Mr NowakGreat piece of kit, very stable and well designed
Mr KeVMFirst of all, Fast delivery, nice work! I used the bag once during a 2-day bikepacking trip. Installing the drybag holder on my bike was very easy. The bag feels very sturdy. My was filled with clothes, sleeping bag & pad. It has almost no 'swing'/'sway'. If I have to name one disadvantage: The inner coat of the dry bag is a little grippy, therefore it is difficult to push your items all the way down in to the bag.
MichaelTop bit of kit, well made and good price.
SWoodyWhat a great bag. I am now using this for commuting on my road bike as well as using it on my MTB for extended camping out trips. It keeps everything dry, compresses to really small and extends well without swinging around too much. The only thing that I think would improve it would be an air release valve to make closing it up and compressing it just that little bit easier.
Mr AynsleyGreat feeling bag. Seems sturdy, good strapping and the ability to tuck them all away to eliminate flailing in the wind. Dry bag is big, and on first impressions seems very durable and puncture resistant. Love that you can leave the 'holster' on the bike and just take out the dry bag (both for convenience and security if you're locking up your bike when running into the shops). Quick shipping from Merlin too :)
Mr HumphreysJust used this on an overnight ride so didn`t put lots in it but it was great. That was on my road bike. Much lighter than brackets and bags.
yannVery well thought out bag. The bag is reinforced where it contacts the seat post. There are rubber bands that keep the straps secure and the bag feels like top quality. Can't beat Merlin price.
Dr TGood solution for a folding bike. I didn't want any permanent attachments.
RichoWell made , quality product. Allows some some pack swaying when loaded fully but not creating a noticeable effect on ride stability.
Mr CameronGreat option for lightweight bike packing. I have only used on commutes and rides to get used to it. Surprisingly stable and can only feel it if you get out the saddle and throw the bike about.
StockGreat commuter bag. fits plenty of gear rolled up in the take out sleeve. I like the waterproof sleeve because it can be removed from the cover without removing the whole seat bag from the bike seat. I did find that the bag moved around a fair bit when riding hard. To avoid this I ensured that the bag is tightened up around the removal bag with the straps provided. This took away most of the swing. A annoying point is that the bag does rub on my rear tail light which is mounted on the mudguard. Not a big issue but a little annoying. I think I may need to mount my rear light elsewhere. Overall a great bag for the price and perfect for the commute without spending the big bucks! Best priced bike bag 10 points!
RobCI bought this because it was versatile and I could use a different dry bag if needed, attach extra stuff with the webbing loops, slip things down the side (tent poles) etc. And of course it is comparatively cheap. It appears to be well made, time will tell...My intention is to have sleep bag/mat/down jacket and some clothes in here...just pop the bag out and throw it in the tent and reverse when ready to go. Initial packing and testing in the garage suggests that packing this well is key to stability, whichever dry bag you use, and restricting the overall weight. Heavy stuff close to seat post. And of course cinching everything down as tight as it can go and filling the space in the main harness area. I find it helps to cross the straps over from the main lid and also restrict size of supplied bag to approx 75% of capacity. I also strap some rubber around my seat post to give some friction and help prevent any sideways movement, and especially watch out for the area around the seat pin where the base of the harness ends up sitting... Good: Price, versatility, brand name warranty, nice dry bag. Price :-) Niggles: Plastic stiffner insert. How long will it last? Loops on harness lid end up on bottom of harness when bag is fully loaded. Would have liked a couple of larger sewn in loops on webbing straps where they attach to lid buckles. Or perhaps a bungee storage option on top too. Would have liked to see the abrasive resistant vinyl extended to cover under the whole saddle rail area. Conclusion: Take all this with a pinch of salt...I have nothing to compare it with and have not used it in anger, so time will tell. But the bags with a rail stabilizer system will be inherently more stable I think. Came down to money for can get a better bag, but for the price (esp here in Aus) this is great.
MooreThis seat pack is excellent! I was able to pack a backpacking sleeping bag, inflatable mat and pillow, as well as sweats and a fresh kit for a two day bike packing trip. The holster can be winched down so that there is no sway and the pack stayed in place for the entire two days. The included dry bag is truly waterproof. I love that it can be removed from the holster without removing the holster from the bike. This makes unpacking and repacking at the camp site a breeze! Plus the bag can be hung from a tree with your food to keep it safe from raccoons and bears. Best piece of gear I have ever purchased and Merlin had the best price and excellent service.
Mr Akkus+ High quality fabric and clips. + Sturdy enough and easy harness assembly. - Heavier than competition - Difficult to fill in the bottom end neatly so that it can fit on the bike well. Happy overall, worth the money.
Steve BarrattI haven't had chance to use this bag as yet on a trip but having tried the bag on the bike it looks to be perfect and will no doubt carry plenty of stuff for an overnight trip and longer. Great service also from Merlin especially given I'm on the other side of the world (Australia) and received the goods in a week....awesome works guys and great price. I'd certainly purchase from you again.