Brand Focus – BBB

BBB has been in business for 24 years. Based in the beautiful Netherlands city of Leiden, they make so many bike related essential products, its hard to know where to start. Chris Koppert and Frank Moons began BBB when they retired from professional bike racing in 1998. After years of competing, they knew the bike stuff which either didn’t work well, or regularly needed replacing. They set about producing and selling high quality versions of these products.

Cool Experience

As you might expect from in-depth knowledge of northern European winters, clothing for the extremities is one key area that BBB have really got pretty well covered. Take their range of Overshoes for example, the range is extensive, covering all types of weather and material preferences. The BWS-04 Hardwear (below) is ideal for the worst wet and cold conditions. They feature a Neoskin waterproof layer on top of 3mm Neoprene to protect against cold and rain. Glued seems make them leak-proof and kevlar reinforcements on the front nose and at the rear zip.

Cycling Vision

Cycling glasses is another area where BBB have a seriously in-depth and extensive range. Covering a wide array of styles whilst retaining high levels of functionality. High quality lenses are a feature of all BBB glasses, most styles come with extra yellow and clear lenses. This is because BBB understand that sometimes the weather isn’t great, but bike riders still need eye protection. The only styles which don’t come with extra lenses are the photocromic lens glasses and the Reader glasses. The Reader glasses feature a +2.0 section for short sighted riders. The BSG-52 Impulse glasses (below) features a ‘Quicksnap’ system which allows lenses to be swapped quickly and easily. The frames are constructed of Grilamid and the nose piece is adjustable, small vents at the top of the lens allow airflow.

Brake Parts

The chances are, if you are riding a slightly ‘old skool’ bike, BBB will be your saviours when you need those little replacement parts which are getting very hard to find. Produced to the same standard as the originals, if not better, BBB brake parts are the ideal replacement for worn pads and other parts too, whatever style of rim brake you use. Below are prime examples, on the left, V brake noodles (ask your dad), and on the right, cantilever brake pads (ask your grandad).

BBB Tools

They also have a great range of reliable workshop tools, designed to be practical and to get the job done. The BBB BTL-05 Nautilus 2 Chain Rivet tool (below) is a great example. It is a precision chain tool made from tough steel but with a soft, grippy rubber handle. The tool can be adjusted to fit the size of the chain. BBB know that the one place a chain tool usually breaks is at the pin, so they thoughtfully supply the Nautilus 2 complete with a spare pin.