Cranked – New MTB Print Mag Due This Spring

Another sign of the return of the mountain bike scene…?

Long-time bike journo and photographer Seb Rogers is launching a new mountain bike magazine this spring. Called Cranked, it’ll be published four times a year and, in a move that cheerfully turns its back on current thinking, it’s also available only in ink and paper form.

“It’s intentionally different”, says Seb. “High production values, the best paper and printing we could find, and features that are put together with time and thought rather than rushed out to meet a tight deadline”.

Due out around April 2015, you can sign up for email updates – and a chance to win a year’s free subscription – at , or visit for more.

Will this mag succeed where mags such as Privateer didn’t? Will it end up chasing the fat bike and gravel bike scenes? The market for mountain bikes is definitely on the bounce-back but are we yet entering an era where people will pay for content about MTB?

Whatever the answers – and stranger things have happened – we’re very much looking forward to seeing the first issues.

Good luck Seb & co!

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