Viral video roundup – Part 2

Well another month has passed already so that gives us a chance to look back on what vids made us chuckle (and wince) on social media.

So sit back for 5 minutes and gather round your office friends and take a bit of time to look at these gems from the world of cycling!

First up how about this nice and easy ride, perfect for a Sunday morning?

Next up, remember if you’re going to show off (and film it) make sure you nail it! Er, otherwise you could end up going viral on social media and made a laughing stock in someone’s blog.

Well if you’re going to miss, miss hard!

You can always dust yourself off and try again.

We don’t know what this is but we want one!

Remember what we said about “if you’re going to show off”? ¬†Well this guy DOES nail it.

And finally, just don’t stand too close!

See you next time viral fans!

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