Pedro’s 12 best tools

Pedro’s are back! And their stuff is better than ever. Here’s our personalised pick of the very best bits of their range.

pedro's magnetic parts tray

Magnetic Parts Tray


You probably aren’t aware that your life is incomplete without one of these magic dishes. Having somewhere ‘sticky’ to safely fling your washers and small bits during a repair sesh is a great thing. There are other magnetic parts trays out there but most of them are shiny silver. The Pedro’s tray is bright yellow and helps you quickly find wha you’r scrabbling for.

pedro's tutto multi chain tool

Tutto Multi-Chain Tool


A massively lovely massive lump. The last chain tool you – or your workshop – will ever need. Serviceable. Spare parts available. Works with any chain out there from track chain through to modern 11-speed chains. Has several super geeky unique features and patented innovations that it’s hard to know where to start. A thing of great lust.

Pedro's Quick Link pliers

Quick Link Pliers


Split-links, powerlinks or whatever you choose to call are one of the best little inventions in cycling of the past couple of decades. But they aren’t perfect. If you’ve not had to crack one open for a while they end up being a right pig to undo. Hence this tool. It’s like a plier in reverse.

Pedro's VISE Whip



A soft-jawed molegrip designed for holding on to your cassette whilst you undo the cassette lockring. No more wrestling with slippy chain whips. Designed in conjunction with Leonard Zinn – author of legendary bike maintenance tome ‘Zinn and the art of bicycle maintenance’.

Pedro's Multi Spoke wrench

Multi Spoke Wrench


Universal spoke wrench designs are usually not very nice to actually use. They’re more of a quick get-out tool for mid-ride repairs to get you home. This wrench from Pedro’s is different/ We’d quite happily build a whole wheel from scratch with this tool. Just really well designed. Arguably the best tool in the whole range in a funny sort of way!

Pedro's Disc Wrench

Disc Wrench


Disc brakes are something that are now fairly ubiquitous on modern bicycles yet a lot of cyclists still don’t think about getting themselves some tools for them. This cute little tool makes bleeding brakes a much easier and reliable process. It also comes into its own for truing up rotors that have been bent (a surprisingly common occurrence).

Pedro's Toothbrush



There are a lot of drivetrain cleaning brushes out there but the one from Pedro’s is the best balance of ergonomics, simplicity and efficacy. An angled slim brush for getting into cassette and chainset crannies combined with a stiff brushed ‘tail’ for stabby areas like derailleurs.

Pedro's Go! lube

Go! lube


Everyone has their favourite lube (well, some people do anyway) but if you’re not already dead set on a lube you should give Go! lube a try. It’s a good weight for UK riding (not too weedy thin but not grime-inducingly thick either). For the eco warriors amongst you, you’ll be interested to know this lube is biodegradable too.

Pedro's Bio grease

Bio Grease


Much like the Go! lube above, you possibly already have a favourite grease. But if you’re looking for your first proper bike-specific grease – try this. It’s biodegradable too (which also makes it easier to wash out if you accidentally get some on your best work shirt).

Pedro's Burrito tool wrap

Burrito Tool Wrap


Twenty pockets for tools in a self-contained wrap. Velcro closure. Wipe-clean exterior material. Lay it out or hang it up. Keep at home or in your car or even in your Camelbak for epic rides.

Pedro's tyre levers

Tyre Levers


The world’s best tyre levers. Everything about them is excellent. Even the bright colours have a use – makes them easier to find when packing up your bits post-puncture.

Pedro's Y wrench 4, 5, 6

Y Wrench 4, 5, 6


When you’re working on your cockpit (stem, bars, brakes, shifters, headset) a tool like this makes life 4000% easier.


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