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Pedros Tyre Lever Pair - Supplied as a pair, colours vary


The tyre lever, though seemingly one of the simplest and most basic of cycling tools, is one commonly used by almost every cyclist, and unfortunately, one often responsible for unnecessary frustration.  Really, what is more fun than flatting far away from home, being thrilled you lugged that spare tube and pump, and then having your tire levers snap in two?

Pedro's award winning, universally loved tire levers feature molded box construction and a proprietary plastic composite blend that makes them the strongest levers available.  The unique chisel tip shape easily inserts beneath the tire bead and the slightly thicker shape keeps the lever securely in place.  Additionally, the bold shape of the lever and helpful dual spoke hooks makes removal of even the tightest tires a simple task.

Pedro's tire levers are available in bright yellow, pink, green, and orange making them easy to spot in the shop or in the woods making sure you don't lose them.  As long as your riding buddies don't steal them from you, we are confident the Pedro's Tire Levers will be the last levers you buy.  Do yourself a favour and give them a try.  You will love them! If you ever, somehow, manage to use your gorilla strength to break them, our levers are backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty, and we will happily replace them for you.

Mine were a lovely pink colour. 110 long and 41 grams a pair. Chunky and bomb proof to get any tyre on and off any rim. Top notch.
Peels the most stubborn 25mm tyres of my rims with ease
Sturdy, great shape and does the job perfectly.
Ils sont robustes !
Do the job of removing my tyres perfectly.
Beautiful color and appear to work well
Really strong levers. Don't need anything else really.
First time changing a flat tire and they worked perfectly.
Nice and sturdy yet lightweight lever set. Bright colour ensures hard to lose on the side of the trail.
Excellent sturdy pair of tyre levers there will be no flex with these bad boys.
Finally found some solid tyre levers
Heavy duty tire levers, seems to be a much stronger design than other levers, hoping they last a long time
I already have one set in my saddle bag and just purchased another set for home. I like these tire levers better than others.
Good solid feel to these levers. Really bright colour, should be easy to spot in case you drop them on a grass verge somewhere. Nice to be backed up by lifetime warranty, even if they are one of the cheaper items in your toolbox.
Best tire levers out there. I use them for DH tires and they work well. Super strong and don't damage the rims.
Look Strong and is strongly recommended . Have not used it yet !
Had a pair of tires which were impossible to mount, with these levers it made the job easy.
These are a bit bulky but brilliant