Finest Frame Snapping YouTube Compilation

These guys need to learn how to weld, fast. Nine of the best frame snapping videos. R.I.P trusty steed.

Snapping the frame on your pride and joy would bring a tear (or ten) to the eye.

BMX, trials, mountain and road frames all failing at the times when they’re needed most with cracked top tubes, dented down tubes and clean breaks resulting in some nasty looking falls.

Check out the video by caseymckennabmx of his friend attempting a flair before bailing and splitting his bike in two. We appreciate the conversion you scored with your helmet as well!

Just to spark a little controversy, do you think the cyclist in Clapham could have prevented such a serious impact?

BMX Frame Snaps in Half

“Jake was trying flairs on his stolen cherry and this is his 4th try. The frame was totally fine before he started trying flairs.”

You Yangs downhill cressy bike snap in half

“First time downhilling 2nd ever run 1st bike snapped in two.”

DESTROYED BIKE FRAME – Big Crash Norco mtb into tree

“I Destroyed My Bike and got it all on GoPro! I crashed right into a tree after landing a big jump badly. I broke my Norco Truax frame which really sucks! I have never broke or cracked a frame ever before!”

BMX frame Snap | Team Sloth

The description of this video is a tad naughty but it goes a little bit like this – “Aint no girly poo” – @TEAM_SLOTH

Guy Snaps His Bike In Half!

“Crazy guy breaks his bike frame into two pieces!” – We still haven’t worked out whether the spectator was trying to help by shouting “You’ve snapped your bike in half” like the rider didn’t already know. We do love the celebrated, over-the-head bike lift though.

Collision Clapham Common – Snapped Bike

“Cyclists moving off from pedestrian lights, a car turns right ahead across the cycle path. One cyclist does not react in time and smashes into the side of the car, breaking their bike but luckily coming away most ok. (A full version is going to the people involved for insurance / police claims etc).”

Undoubtedly this is essentially the driver’s fault but do you think a little more observation by the cyclist could have saved his expensive Colnago frame? It looks like he was looking down at his pedals at very much an unfortunate time.

Duncan’s bike snapping during a big sidehop

“Duncan fires off a big side hop at a show in Scotland in August 2011, clears the bar then it goes worse. He jumped on his spare bike and finished the show!!! Thanks to Danny McEleney’s 10 yr old daughter for getting this on her mobile phone.”

MTB Frame Snap

“Pell’s [insert unsavoury¬†language here] Frame!!!”

Cycling HORRIFIC crash At The South American Games

“Horrific crash as cyclist hits velodrome starting gate that officials failed to remove.¬†Chilean riding for bronze in women’s team sprint at South American Games suffers fractured patella, bike snapped in two.” – Check out our Velodrome Crashfest Compilation

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