Gore Bike Wear coming to Merlin Cycles

The weather-beaters are coming to Chorley. Here’s a run-down of what Gore Bike Wear stuff we’re getting in. Available in-store only.

Unlike a lot of cycle clothing brands, Gore Bike Wear needs no introduction. We all know about Goretex. Even non-cyclists know about Goretex. Goretex is almost a byword for waterproof.

Goretex is like ‘Hoover’ or ‘sellotape’; a brand name that has become synonymous with a type of product. Gore Bike Wear clothes are guaranteed to keep you dry.

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Unparalleled protection

Gore Bike Wear are all about protection. They are the go-to protection brand for the committed cyclist. Head-to-toe protection is their thing.

What do they protect you from? Well, it’s not just about bad weather – although that is obviously an important element. Gore Bike Wear apparel is about eliminating every distraction, allowing you to concentrate on riding your bicycle. Whether the distraction is rain, wind, heat, sweat or whatever – Gore Bike Wear will deal with it.

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What makes Gore Bike Wear different?

Gore Bike Wear clothing is put through extensive testing and R&D. A whole ton of work goes into a garment before it reaches production. It’s no wonder that Gore Bike Wear keep on winning award after award.

The styling of Gore stuff is also a bit different compared to the other prestige clothing brands that we stock. Gore Bike Wear isn’t overly Euro or Italian in its aesthetics or sizings. Nor is it self-consciously futuristic or hyper-stylised.

Gore Bike Wear stuff is somehow both classic and modern. It’s not overly in-yer-face but neither is it dull or drab.


In-store only

We have our first batch of Gore clothing landing in early March. If you want to come along to our shiny shop in Chorley to see what it’s all about – and to try some things on – then we’d be more than happy to walk you through the range.

Here are a few choice highlights of the Gore Bike Wear Spring/Summer 2015 collection…


Oxygen 2.0 Gore-Tex Active Jacket

Gore Bike Wear’s top end jacket. Aimed at the performance minded road rider. Offers breathability in all weathers and during all levels of exertion.

It’s a slim cut so you may wish to try on a couple of sizes to find which one suits you best. Like a lot of Gore garments the Oxygen 2.0 jacket works best if it fits you properly. A proper fit ensures that the jacket acts as a ‘micro climate’ and is able to perform at the best level of breathability and waterproofing.

It’s an extremely well made jacket with a pleasing amount of reinforcing at key areas of stress and wear. And how the designers have managed to include a large amount of reflective material all over the jacket without making it look a mess is really, really impressive too.


Element jersey

It’s not all full-on racehead gear though. Gore also make a load of gear that’s aimed at recreational riders or riders who dabble in a bit of road and mountain biking.

The Element jersey is deceptively simple. It makes you wonder how anyone can make a bad jersey. But there’s loads of experience and technology gone into the design of the Element jersey. Great fabrics combined with great, minimalist tailoring.

You can wear this jersey on its own and it will perform well on the bike without making you look like a spod when you’re off the bike.



Power 3.0 Bibtights short+

Yep okay, these aren’t bibtights as we know them. They’re clearly bibshorts. For some reason Gore Bike Wear like to call anything that has a bib on it “bibtights”. They can be eccentric when they feel like we guess!

An everyday staple with a touch of class. High performance insert, mesh bibs, highly functional material mix main short, shifted seams for a chafe-free experience, well-executed reflective logo on the side.

You’ll forget you have these on. In a good way.


Alp-X Pro Windstopper Soft Shell shorts

Something for the mountain bikers out there. Or maybe for those riders who just can’t bring themselves to wear Lycra downstairs with nothing else on top.

A lot of mountain bikers have dabbled with waterproof baggy shorts and found that they’re just too cold. And the DWR coating on them – the stuff that makes water bead up and run off the fabric surface – lasts about five minutes in typically mucky British conditions. Leaving you with a not-waterproof pair of thin plastic shorts. Not great.

Enter the Soft Shell shorts. A much more realistic and practical idea for mountain biking. They’re fairly waterproof in their own right but when they do eventually ‘wet out’ they still keep the chills at bay. And then they don’t get totally soaked through and become heavy and uncomfortable.

Seriously, these are amazing pants.

Gore Bike Wear at Merlin Cycles

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