Product focus on the 3T Eye smart screen

The 3T Eye is a small screen that you position on your stem or bars and it shows you real-time ride stats coming from your smartphone during your ride.

3T Eye

Merlin Cycles price: £90.00 (RRP £100.00)
Device size (mm): 38 x 60
Display size (mm): 25 x 32
Display type: Digits/Icon
Weight: 25 g (inc battery)
Battery type: CR2032

The 3T Eye is a way of using the convenience and web-connected features of your smartphone’s built-in GPS but also having a little screen that you can keep an eye on during your ride.


Who’s it for?

It’s not a product for everyone. If you have a GPS computer already you won’t feel the need for this.

But if you’re currently using your smartphone for logging your rides and would like to be able to see at-a-glance your current speed or trip distance so far etc, the 3T Eye might be what you’re after.

It saves you from having to get a mount that puts your costly and fragile smartphone on to your bars/stem. Bar/stem mounted phones aren’t ideal anyway. They’re cumbersome, ugly and often they aren’t weatherproofed or very easy to operate your phone in use.

The 3T Eye allows you to stash your phone away somewhere safe and away from the elements. It also saves your phone’s battery life by not having to fire up the screen so much.

The 3T Eye app

The 3T Eye has its own app (iPhone and Android) that communicates with Strava, Training Peaks, Facebook and even Twitter. This means that you can still upload and share your ride to whatever social or training site that you like as soon as you’ve finished your ride. There’s no downloading to a computer and then uploading to a website sort of faff.


It also can display data from heart rate straps, cadence sensors and power meters. Any sensor that has ANT+ or Bluetooth connection basically.


How does it mount?

If you own a 3T ARX II stem then the 3T Eye comes supplied with a stem-mount in the box. If you don’t have a 3T ARX II stem then the 3T Eye can mount on any aftermarket Garmin-style mounts.


So, all in all it’s apparently a bit of a niche product but we reckon there’s enough folk out there who’d be happy with one of these.

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