Weekly Reviews Roundup #13

Okay, so it’s almost a month since our last review roundup. Savour the slackness and gorge on this bumper edition of the best kit reviews on tinternet recently.

14443_crank_brothers_iodine_3_wheelset_29_Crank Brothers Iodine 3 Wheelset – Enduro-MTB.com

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This review is for the 650B version, we currently stock the 26″ and the 29″ versions. “The Iodine 3 is one of the pimpest wheel sets out there, and with their new found durability impressed our testers. There are certainly cheaper and lighter wheels available but the striking looks, excellent machining and high finish of the Iodine 3 will appeal to many.”

18643_shimano_xtr_m9000_diss_brake_setShimano XTR Race brakes – Dirt Rag

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“Unlike some super expensive and lightweight component options out there, these XTR Race brakes have little to no tradeoffs for dropping grams, unless you are taking money into the equation. Obviously, all this performance isn’t cheap but this is XTR after all so penny-pinchers need not apply. I’m highly impressed that a brake designed for professional cross-country racing is capable of handling the rigors of trail riding as well.”

18445_gore_bike_wear_alp_x_pro_ws_so_z_off_jerseyGore Alp X Pro jersey and shorts – BikeRadar

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“Even on drier warmer days our seat pads didn’t end up soaked with sweat, which stopped soreness even on back-to-back ride days. Storage is limited to a single, energy bar-sized zipped back pocket though and the ultra light fabric doesn’t get on with thorns. The high-end performance is reflected in the price too, but we reckon that the amount you wear this outfit will easily justify your investment. If you’re a rapid rider who wants an ultra-versatile, grab and go solution for any weather from spring through to autumn, well, Gore has aced it with the Alp-X Pro.”

13132_catlike_mixino_road_helmet_2014Catlike Mixino helmet – CX Magazine

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“Like most Catlike helmets, the Mixino comes in three separate sizes: Small for a head size of 52-54cm, Medium for 55-57cm and Large for 58-60cm. The most readily apparent feature is the multitude of vents (39 in total), which after a few initial rides (without crashing), proves to offer a very airy feel. With so many vents on their standard model, the foam feels like it’s relatively high in density, but beneath the surface, there’s a honeycomb-like material that is designed to absorb more energy than traditional foam.”

16704_silca_super_pista_ultimate_floor_pumpSilca Super Pista Ultimate floor pump – Red Kite Prayer

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“This device is heirloom quality. When you are gone, this effort will still be unequaled and your children will fight over this thing, for it isn’t a bike accessory, it’s an articulation of excellence. And yes, your children will fight over it, because you bought only one. Your grandchildren will think you cool because you went all-in on an afterthought. You’ll be lionized as a person for whom no task was too small to care about. In the Silca’s perfect splendor you, like my parents, will be remembered for generations.”

10046_lezyne_rap_21_led_multi_toolLezyne RAP 21 LED multi tool – Pinkbike

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“Multi-tools should be more of an on-trail emergency type of thing than anything you’d use at home for a proper repair job, and Lezyne’s RAP 21 LED fits that description perfectly. Yes, the tool bits are short, but that also allows the RAP 21 LED to be relatively small in size so you can take it with you on any ride. Given its price tag and quality construction that should see it last nearly forever, the RAP 21 LED makes sense as an ‘all in one’ multi-tool.”

11936_bbb_bbw_163_controlshield_winterjacketBBB ControlShield Winter jacket – Cycling Tips

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

This is more of a first-look overview than a proper review but it’s interesting nonetheless – “BBB’s BBW-261 ControlShield winter jacket is made from Trioxx, a soft windproof material that is also water-repellent. Lined with fleece, I found it was warm, soft on the skin, and immediately comfortable when getting dressed on a cool morning.”

9679_evoc_travel_bike_bagEvoc Bike Travel bag – Bikeradar

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“Flying with a bike can be a hassle, but EVOC has used its years of globetrotting experience to ease the stress involved in packing up and protecting your bike. The Bike Travel Bag is a compact, padded and wheeled solution for a road or mountain bike that you can pack down nearly flat when you get to your destination. Despite the soft shell, it’s proven protective over many a plane flight for us, with removable internal ribs adding structure to the padded, reinforced sides.”

16259_altura_podium_cycling_jacketAltura Podium jacket – Bikeradar

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“It packs very well into a cylinder shape perfectly designed for a rear jersey pocket, and uses Altura’s proprietary React Fabric to impressive effect, providing a good barrier to the elements while retaining decent breathability. The sizing is very good with a slim race fit and nice long tail, while the stretch cuffs ensure a good transition to your gloves and help to keep the elements out. The Podium lives up to its name, grabbing number one spot with its blend of fit and performance.”

15251_sportful_fiandre_light_norain_cycling_jerseySportful Fiandre Light No Rain top – RCUK

Read the review | Buy it here (this is an old post and the linked content no longer exists)

“Why use the Fiandre Light No-Rain Top instead of a gilet or lightweight jacket? A gilet will likely be one of the most-used items in a UK cyclist’s wardrobe – mine included – but there are times when you want something a little more, without needing a full-on jacket, and this fits the bill almost perfectly. Don’t expect it to keep you dry in a downpour (that’s when you will need a jacket) but do expect it to offer lightweight, windproof and water resistant protection, while maintaining an impressive level of breathability and with a top-notch fit.”

18793_kask_protone_road_cycling_helmetKask Protone helmet – RCUK

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“The Kask Protone is part of the next generation of aerodynamic helmets. Not a time trial helmet by any means but one designed for road riding and racing, and a lid which seeks to offer an aero advantage without compromising on comfort and ventilation. While we can’t necessarily comment on the former, beyond Kask’s claims, it is both very comfortable and well ventilated.”

15330_shimano_105_pd5800_carbon_spd_sl_pedalsShimano 105 5800 SPD-Sl pedals – RCUK

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“Out of the three ‘named’ Shimano pedals (105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace), the 105s offer by far the best value for money. Plus, if you look around you’ll likely be able to find them for less than the RRP. Having ridden all three versions of the pedal in the past, I honestly think there’s almost nothing to choose between them in terms of functionality, and when they’re on the bike there’s no way you’ll notice a difference, though obviously there’s a minor weight penalty. Ultimately, which pedals you buy depends on which brands’ system suits you best, but these are a very good set of pedals for a decent price.”

17509_campagnolo_eurus_wheel_setCampagnolo Eurus wheelset – RCUK

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“As an upgrade or climbing wheelset, you’ll get a huge amount of benefit from Campag’s Eurus wheels over a standard set of bog-standard clinchers that come on so many road bikes. They’re light, strong and responsive, plus they look good and will last for almost as long as you want them to unless you crash them, of course. If you want a reliable, quality set of wheels that you can use in almost any situation, you’ll struggle to do better than these for the price.”

11705_bsg_43_select_team_sport_glassesBBB Select sunglasses – Cycling Weekly

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“As well as offering plenty of colour options, three different lenses (smoked, yellow, and clear) are provided as standard, meaning that the BBB Selects are suitable for year-round riding even in wet and gloomy conditions. The yellow lenses are particularly adept at brightening up even the most uninspiring January day. The BBB Select sunglasses are exceptional value at only 60 quid, and provide everything you’d expect from a much more expensive pair.”

14301_continental_grand_prix_4000_s_ii_road_clincher_tyresContinental Grand Prix 4000 S II tyre – Road.cc

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“Tyres are getting bigger, and the Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 28mm (let’s just call it the GP4000S from now on, eh) is a great example of why this is A Good Thing. Assuming you can fit these tyres into your frame, there’s plenty of reasons why you should. They’re excellent. Assuming you can live with the 70g weight penalty over 25mm tyres, and you can squeeze them into your frame, there aren’t really any downsides. These are big tyres that feel like race tyres, only more comfortable. And comfort is a performance advantage, don’t forget.”

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