Bosch Nyon Display Retrofit Kit - 2022
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Bosch Nyon Display Retrofit Kit - 2022Bosch Nyon Display Retrofit Kit - 2022
Code: 02750078
Bosch Nyon Display Retrofit Kit
The Nyon paves the way for a fully connected eBiking experience. The eBike Connect App connects the Nyon with the smartphone and exchanges data about routes and activities. The colour display supports you as a smart guide when exploring previously unknown places and acts as a personal trainer by providing fitness data. You can operate the all-in-one on-board computer intuitively and easily via the touchscreen, and control it by means of the separate control unit while riding. Equally at home on extended rides or short routine trips: The robust and easy-to-read display ensures that you are well equipped for every situation and all weathers. The Nyon on-board computer a smarter, more intuitive and more connected generation. This is what Connected Biking feels like.
Simple operation
Even more comfortable: The Touch function makes Nyon even more intuitive and a separate control unit can be used while riding.   
Award-winning design
Beautiful design, both inside and out: The 3.2-inch, high-resolution colour display combines smart functions with elegant design and has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award.
Optimum readability
Clear visibility in all light conditions: The display brightness and backlight automatically adjust to the ambient light. A special coating reduces reflections and fingerprints. You can choose between a dark or light display with maximum contrast.
Individual screens
Absolute focus on the essentials: The user interface on the display can be adapted to the rider's specific needs. This means that you can see the information you need at all times. 
Always ready for action
Whatever the weather: The touchscreen of the robust display remains fully functional, even in rainy or dusty conditions, and can even be operated when wearing biking gloves. 
Savings Screen
If you want to find out how much you could save by choosing to use your eBike instead of a car, check out the info on the new Savings Screen. This is activated in the screen management settings. You can also see a comparison of the current and previous weeks, or choose a different currency in the settings.
Smart connectivity functions
The perfect combination: Nyon is part of a smart connected system and connects you with the connected eBike world of Bosch by means of the smartphone app and the online portal. 
Data synchronisation
Always in dialogue: As soon as Nyon connects to the smartphone or WiFi, the on-board computer connects to the user's eBike Connect account and automatically synchronises the ride data.
Position on request
Perfectly tailored support: To ensure the best possible readability, there are two mounting positions to choose from for the display mount. The central mounting above the handlebar is specially designed for eMountain bikers, while touring riders can move the mount further forward.
One device, several users
Share the benefits: You can share the Nyon with family or friends - everyone can then synchronise their ride data with their own account.
Software updates
Always up-to-date: Software updates or new maps can be conveniently wirelessly downloaded and installed.  
Greater safety while on the move
In view at all times: The Bosch eBike ABS control light is integrated in the display. By eliminating the separate control light, as a Nyon user, you will benefit from an uncluttered handlebar. 
Weather forecast
AccuWeather®️ weather forecast directly on Nyon - by tapping on the three dots on the weather screen, you can choose between the current weather and temperature, the probability of rain or the UV index and the forecasts for the next five hours.
Battery capacity, Time of day, Current speed, Navigation via GPS, Average speed, Riding mode, Gear indicator, Range, Daily mileage, Total distance, Maximum speed, Travel time
  • Purpose: Trekking, Bike Travel, All-round / Beginner, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Bikepacking, Cross
  • Manufacturer compatibility: Bosch
  • Display: 3.2 inches
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Weight 200g
  • Energy Saving
  • Plug Type: USB 
  • All cables included