MOA Sport have been producing cycling clothing for over 40 years.  During that time they have developed several new innovations and garnered many victories which have helped them grow the business into one of the leading manufacturers of technical cycling clothing.

MOA produce items of cycling clothing that are designed and made solely in Italy.  Every part of the manufacturing process is managed in-house from research, development, printing and of course the final production.  By working this way MOA can guarantee that its cycling clothing is every bit “made in Italy”.

Countless years of research and shear passion have helped MOA Sport to conquer one of the best places in the cycling clothing market.  Several professional teams have chosen to ride in MOA over any of its competitors for many years. Great champions in fact have worn Moa specifically for its quality, technical brilliance and innovation that only its tailoring division is able to offer.  MOA’s design is truly unique and without comparison making its clothing fully performing and also very fashionable.

MOA Sport also takes its professional cycling clothing to amateur teams to help them customise their own kits.  MOA has a team of highly qualified consultants who help every team to get the tailor made solutions it needs.

MOA’s new collection of cycling clothing is the cornerstone of expression, research and innovation, whether it’s for Grand Tour winners or weekend sportive riders.  Every item of cycling clothing that carries the MOA logo is perfect for those that just love to ride whatever the journey.