Assos invented the Lycra short back in 1976. Their invention was one of the most important in the whole history of cycling. Every cyclist owes Assos a bit of gratitude. Assos’ pioneering spirit has continued throughout their history.

Assos offer something a little bit different to most other clothing brands. They make uncompromising performance cycling wear. Assos gear is about being in the saddle and hammering away at your pedals. Assos clothing is engineered with aspects of aerodynamics and muscle compressions factored in. This isn’t tea shop apparel.

The goal of all Assos gear is for it to feel invisible. You should be able to forget you’re wearing Assos and just get on with your cycling. Light weight, low volume, anatomically cut, sensitively stitched.

Made in Europe. Designed and tested in the excellently named Assos Competence Centre in Switzerland.

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