Beet It Sport
BEET IT is the most recent best-selling brand to be developed by the Suffolk-based James White Drinks company. James White have been producing fruit and vegetable juices at Whites Fruit Farm in Ashbocking for over 23 years now and with such a vast amount of experience to draw on, it is not surprising that Beet It has taken the sport and nutrition world by storm!
A team of researchers initially approached our managing director (Lawrence Mallinson) a few years ago with regard to our Organic Beetroot Juice and since then, BEET IT has been cemented in the worldwide research and commercial markets.
Supplying more than 90 universities and research institutes throughout the world, we are proud to have such a close relationship with leading scientists and professors. It is also important to make clear that we do not financially support any research and would never try to influence a project. We remain dedicated to developing the research in this field and as a result, we have developed a version of the BEET IT shots which have the nitrate removed to provide a virtually indistinguishable placebo for use in double-blind cross-over testing.
The BEET IT brand has grown over the last few years to include not only our original beetroot juice in 1l and 750ml cartons, 750ml glass bottles and 250ml PET bottles, but also the original concentrated Organic shot (0.3g nitrate content) and the SPORT shot (with 0.4g nitrate, this is now the favourite of the sporting elite and researchers);