Joystick make ergonomic, user-friendly cycling components including MTB Handlebars, MTB Grips, Stems and Handlebar Tape. All Joystick products feature Real Rider Geometry, designed and tested by real riders; this innovative brand continues to develop cutting-edge products including their Analog Carbon bars manufactured from premium composite materials specially designed for Joystick and moulded in their own unique custom moulds. These bars feature reinforced clamping zones in all the key clamping areas for your controls and stem interface. Joystick’s Binary Carbon bars are manufactured with the same premium composite materials developed for their Analog Carbon bars but the carbon layup is tweaked to maximize the strength to weight specifically for enduro racing. All Joystick alloy products are made with either their 8-Bit or 8-bit LT (Lite) blend of alloy. While most manufacturers just settle for a standard off the shelf alloy Joystick have gone to great lengths to source alloy blends that not only meet their exacting test standards but also provide an unmatched performance and feel.