Juice Lubes

Juice Lubes are a UK company that couldn’t find a certain type of product that they wanted, so they invented it themselves. That product was lubricant and protecting spray for bicycle suspension parts. So in 2009 Juice Lubes released Fork Juice and it was an instant hit with mountain bikers – particularly mountain bike DH and enduro racers.

Following on from the somewhat unexpected success of suspension sprays, Juice Lubes have vastly expanded their range. You can now get their chain lubes, disc brake cleaner, different strength degreasers, anti-seize, assembly paste, brake fluid and even tubeless tyre sealant.

Whichever Juice Lube product you try you can be assured that it’s been rigorously tested and tested again. As well as their innuendo-laden product names, Juice Lube are also infamous for how long they take to develop their stuff - they’re perfectionists!