KTM E-Bikes

Designed to thrive on steep alpine climbs in Austria, KTM e-bikes combine power, finesse and high build quality. The brand was one of the first to embrace the intelligent NYON system by Bosch and their bikes tale both road and off road journeys in their stride. In the words of a KTM mechanic, "Road bike capability, with the heart of an off-roader."


You will always get a good looking bike with KTM. Their look is lean and mean with a high quality finish. They are great bikes to ride, even with the power turned off - light frames and hard-working components make them a great conventional ride. The combined forces of KTM engineering, Bosch power as well as industry giants such as Shimano, Rockshox and Fox, all build into a world class electric bike - capable of assisting even the most challenging of rides.


Merlin Cycles are an official Bosch Service Centre and can maintain your KTM to the highest standards.