One of the most weight-conscious of all the helmet manufacturers, Limar are on a mission to constantly shave weight and claim yet another ‘world’s lightest’ accolades.
Limar helmets still easily pass all the required safety certification despite their weight weenie obsessions. They’re also renowned as some of the most comfortable helmets that you can get.
Being Italian they also have a definite style to their helmets. Limar started in 1986 from a parent company that specialised in cutting edge polystyrene expansion.
They first made a name for themselves in the early 1990s when they released the iconic Team Gatorade helmet quickly followed by the F104 – the lightest helmet in the world at that point.
The innovations kept on coming. 1999 saw their first in-mould helmet. 2001 saw the first use of double in-mould technology for cycle helemts. 
In more recent years they’ve made a return to the battleground of claiming the world’s lightest helmets. The Limar Ultralight weighs in at a featherlight 160g.