The brand Melon may have only started fairly recently - early 2013 - but the founders have been working in the “fashion, protection and mobility” world for a good number of years beforehand. Based in Europe’s largest metropolitan area, Essen in Germany, the designers at Melon have witnessed first-hand the boom in urban cycling and bike culture in general.

The quirky and retro looks of Melon helmets give their range an amusing vibe but don’t go thinking that their helmets are old-fashioned or toytown. They are exceptionally well designed and manufactured helmets with many features and aspect that are simply not found with other ‘skate style’ or ‘urban active’ helmets. Melon helmets win lots of awards and positive reviews.

Much lighter than other similar looking helmets – up to 30% lighter in fact. Much more airy and less sweaty too due to the twelve vents of Melon’s Airflow Channel System. Available in three sizes with each size coming with three different size options of pads – a tailored and adaptable fit is achievable which is especially relevant if purchasing a helmet for a child.

All melon helmets have a Spin Dial adjustable retention strap at the back of the head. They also feature a neat magnetic ‘anti-nipping’ buckle system on the neck straps. The 360˚ reflectivity provided through the reflective logos, dome sticker and straps is impressive too.

Fully Euro and USA safety certified for bike and roller sports, Melon helmets are ideal for all sorts of people. Commuters, kids, dirt jumpers, mountain bikers, skaters. Available in loads of different colours and designs, there’s something for everyone.

No brain no game, as Melon say.