O’Neal is the story of one man. Unsurprisingly this man is called O’Neal. Jim O’Neal to be precise. Jim’s history belongs in motocross. He’s been riding bikes off-road since 1962.

A California kid, he was surrounded by all sorts of new sports and opportunities. Back then, the motorbikes he was taking on to the dirt were actually street bikes modified to withstand being taken off-road. Jim started flogging modified motocross accessories at the tracksides of regular race meets. The rest, as they say, is history.

There has always been a definite look and aesthetic to O’Neal’s stuff. Unlike a lot of brands that chop and change all the time, chasing fashions, O’Neal have stuck to certain designs, fonts, and colourways throughout their 45 years.

In the cycling world O’Neal are known for making some of the best protection and apparel out there. High quality gloves and knee pads are their biggest appeal to mountain bikers. And as for Jim? He’s still riding motocross several times a week – these days with his grand kids.